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So what is WP Syndicator?

WP Syndicator is a very powerful plug-in for WordPress which syndicate your content automatically to a lot of well-like and popular Web 2.0 authority websites.

What does it mean and where can it be used?

Primarily, by posting your content on them, you will get traffic from the web 2.0 sites. Next and just about as important as the first one is the SEO advantage that you will get from the links that you will get as a result of syndicating your content to all these sites.

There are a lot of ways in which you will benefits from this plugin. The following are among the major ones:

  1. Traffic increase, particularly from micro-blogging sites that are inside your syndication network.
  2. Search ranking improvement via a boost in the popularity of your link coupled with a much better initial indexing.
  3. Deep linking automation to all syndicated blog post from high standing as well as authority sites.
  4. Large savings when it comes to time as compared to manual content syndication.
  5. There really is a big benefit that WP syndicator will bring to any WordPress blogger most importantly for those who are hoping to get a competitive advantage in the major search engine.

Is WP Syndicator worth spending your money on?

Well, if you want a WP plugins that delivers the best result in getting your content out there and brings in a lot of high quality backlink to your sites and therefore will bring in massive traffic, the yes, WP syndicator is worth every penny.

WP Syndicator Bonus!

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