Fix PC: How to Fix a Slow PC

Is your PC running really slow? Your computer slowing down is just an effect of regular everyday use, as the hard drives of your computer becomes cluttered with more files and software and it gradually becomes unresponsive. You are actually using more of your computer’s hard disk space every time you create new documents and folders, transfer photos from your digital camera, download music files from the internet or even transfer your videos onto CD’s or DVD’s. It now takes longer to search for files that you want to get access to.

Fragmentation of the hard disk is also one of the causes that make your PC run slow. Windows stores files in various locations inside your hard disk drives. Generally, the disk is fragmented when retrieving your files takes much longer because the stored locations are not adjacent to each other. You can use a PC tool, like a hard disk utility tool to defragment your hard disks regularly. Doing this, will enable your computer to search and access files much faster. Still, fully defragmenting a hard disk with a large capacity normally takes hours and you are going to only need to do this every once in a while.

If you think that your PC is running very slow, follow these simple instructions immediately to help fix your slow PC.

1. PC Error – A lot of time is spent by your computer in reading and writing data to your hard drives. Thus, serious delays occur when repeated attempts of your computer to read a file finally fail.

Fix PC: Run Disk Check

2. Installed Applications –  Applications you do not use or do not need at all, still take up storage space in your hard drives, and in memory. Slowing down your computer’s performance.

Fix PC: Uninstall Programs

3. Unnecessary Files. Same as #2. Having these unnecessary files will only add to the decrease of your computer’s performance.

Fix PC: Run Disk Cleanup

4. Fragmentation Of Files – As time passes, files are harder to retrieve and update because the files in your hard disk drives are broken into bits and pieces, resulting into a longer time for them to be retrieved or saved.

Fix PC: Run Disk Defragmenter

5. Viruses – These are programs that use resources of YOUR computer without your consent or without you even knowing it! These things also drastically affects your PC’s performance

Fix PC: Anti virus software

6. Spyware – These are programs that collect information on your recent activity on the internet and relay the information back to it’s manufacturers. This way, the advertisers will know exactly what to try and sell to you. This is believed to be one of the major factors that cause poor system performance.

Fix PC: Anti Spyware

7. Inflated Registry – A directory of all the files and the programs you have on your computer’s system is what a registry actually is. Like your hard disks, these too can become disorganized and can cause your PC to slow down.

Fix PC: Clean registry

8. Memory – having memory that is sufficient enough can really make a huge difference. For example, Windows XP runs extremely well with 512Mb of memory, and works okay with 256Mb, but terrible with less.

Fix PC: Upgrade memory

9. More Advanced Problems – After you have applied all the instructions above, and you still find little or no improvement whatsoever, you might need to seek for more expert help.

Fix PC: Get more help

10. Hardware – Technology changes by the minute, and with each change in technology comes a more advanced and more demanding software.

Fix PC: Consider getting new hardware

Despite all these, the Windows operating system may simply not be set up appropriately. The settings of Windows are sometime modified by software in a way that it cuts performance with any warning. You’ll just be surprised to notice that your computer suddenly feels a bit slower, for no particular reason.

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PC Tool Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

1st Tip: Scan and Remove Malicious Software From Your PC

Download, install and run ClamWin on your computer if you don’t already have and use an anti virus software on your computer. It is actually a free Anti Virus Remover for the Windows operating system. It is also recommended that you do the same with Spybot-Search & Destroy, it is a Free Spyware Remover software for your PC that will definitely help you get rod of any spyware on your PC’s operating system. Both of these PC tools will make getting rid of all the harmful things from your PC very easy.

2nd Tip: Regularly Install Software Patch Updates

Software updates are regularly provided by the makers of these software to patch security holes and other glitches in their software. Always make sure that you have all the latest and up-to-date software patches installed in your computer from the manufacturers website.

3rd Tip: Always Back-up Important Files, Folders, and Applications

Make sure you back-up all your important files, folders and applications from your computer, just before you go on ahead and follow each of the PC Tool tips listed here. You should find out how much free space you got left in your hard disk drive. You need to take note of this so that you can compare the free space of your hard disk drive after it has been rid of all the unnecessary and unwanted files, folders and applications.

4th Tip: Analyze and Delete Old E-mails, Files and Folders

To analyze the old files, e-mails and folders in your PC, you need to view the list of all your computer hard drives, folders and files. To do this, look for the “Start” button at the lower left of your screen, right click on it and select “Explore”. Identify the files and folders on your computer that can be archived off your computer by analyzing them, and archive them. Also, identify the files and folders that you can delete permanently and make use of the “Delete” key to throw them into the “Recycle Bin”. After you have finished analyzing all the files and folders, double-click on the “Recycle Bin” icon and select the sub-menu “Select All” under the “Edit” menu to basically select all the items that you want to be deleted. To permanently delete all the contents of the “Recycle Bin”, press the “Delete” key. Analyze, review and delete also any e-mails that you have already read or archived them off of your computer.

5th Tip: Get Rid Of All Old Operating System Temporary Files

Windows stores temporary files that are created by applications in the “Temp” directory. Over time, if it isn’t regularly cleaned out, this directory can be filled up with an enormous amount of temporary files. Over a few weeks, most temporary files will not be of use again to you or your system and it is possible to delete them from the “Temp” directory. To do just that, on your desktop,  double click on the “My Computer” icon. This will show your PC’s hard drive, normally named “Local Disk (C:)”. Double click on the icon “Local Disk (C:)” and then double click also on the directory named “Windows”. Look for the directory named “Temp” then double click on it. After that, select the “Details” sub-menu right under the “View” tab to see the details for each file. Click on the “Type” tab to sort the file types and delete each file that has a TMP extension on it’s filename that is older than a few weeks.

Furthermore, any PC tool will fill your hard disk drives and registry with junk files and redundant entries. The more clutter you have in those drives, the longer it takes for your system to defragment drives, do file indexing, virus scans, check for malware and more.

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Basic Tweaks to Speed Up Your Slow PC

As time passes, the brand new computer that you just recently bought or received as a gift will sooner or later. slow down. Well, don’t panic, because there are actually easy and basic tweaks that you can do with it. But just before you go on and start clamoring on how hard and complex tweaking your Slow PC can be, you need to know that even someone who has no technical know-how aand experience with computers would be able to handle these pretty basic computer speed tweaks. So, worrying too much will not really help you here.

You need to know first what’s causing your computer to slow down and the list below will give you an idea about that. Go through all of the items in the list and check to see if the culprits are among them. Though this list is among the easiest computer speed tweaks out there today, it is not the most extensive. Nevertheless, let us take a look at them one by one:

1. Do Defragmentation On Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting would really help restore order in your hard drives because as time passes, the data stored in your drives gets scattered in lots of different places, therefore making it difficult for your operating system to locate and access data. Do you know what this means? It means that all of your data will be put back in order by doing this operation and you won’t have to wait forever to open a particular program and the performance of your personal computer will improve.

2. Scan Your Hard Drives

Have you ever experienced trying to shut down your computer properly but it’s just not possible because it has crashed? Or maybe you have experienced a power outage while in the middle of using your PC? All of these things could definitely cause significant damage and problems to your stored files. Most operating systems (Windows for one)comes equipped with a special PC tool called scandisk which besides automatically locating your files, it also fixes much of the damage and therefore improving your PC’s as well.

3. Run A Virus Scan On Your Computer

Almost everybody knows how harmful a virus can be when it gets into your computer. So, detecting them, as well as cleaning them out, is definitely one of the best computer speed tweak alternatives out there. There are literally thousands of antivirus software on the internet, just pick whichever one you like, then download it and run it on your computer.

4. Scan for Adware and Spyware

An Adware is basically a software that displays unwanted advertisements on your computer. A Spyware on the other hand, is exactly as it’s name suggests, it acts like a spy for certain companies to monitor which websites you are frequently visiting. But that’s not the only thing they can do, they can also make your computer accessible to these companies. The reason why they do that isn’t actually clear. Nevertheless, both softwares, when inside your computer, use a huge amount of it’s resources thus slowing it down significantly. And so, detecting and removing these things from your computer would absolutely improve your system’s performance.

5. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs From Your Computer

You may not feel like it’s a big thing, but removing programs that you no longer need will definitely boost your PC’s performance. Because doing this will free up disk space on your drives and thus speeding up your computer’s performance. You should properly uninstall those unnecessary programs because just deleting them will not be enough for you to see any improvement.

6. Adjust The Visual Effects On Your PC

Operating systems (such as Windows) provide a lot of fun effects that you can make use of, such as animated windows and fun fading menus, to name a couple. But actually, no matter how cool these effects may seem to you, it can cause your computer to slow down drastically. So, don’t use too much of them and if you can go on living without them, don’t use them at all.

7. Disable Programs On Start-up

Here is another excellent computer speed tweak. You simply disable start-up programs that you don’t really use or don’t need at all. Because they will constantly slow down your computer, aside from causing delay during startup, for these programs use up a sizable amount of your system resources.

It may not seem much doing the things listed above, but by doing those things would definitely boost the performance of your system. Try them yourself and see if they work for you.

Kris Mainieri is a Computer Tech Expert that focuses mainly on cutting-edge and exceptional methods to help anyone that want to take there computing experience to a whole new different level.

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Fix Your Own Computer with the Slow PC Tweak Guide

Computers hold tremendous significance in the modern world today. Many people will feel crippled without their computers because we have gone really dependent on this amazing machine. Even in the corporate or business world, the importance of computers cannot really be denied.

In the modern work place pen and paper are seldom used already. Thanks to computers because it made many tasks in any organization a lot easier. Now, keeping databases, filing systems and tracking records had become very simple tasks to do. Everything can be done efficiently at present time through the use of computers.  This machine is truly involved in our everyday lives. In shopping, traveling, banking, stocking and almost everywhere, computers are always present. It gets even more advanced day by day.

Your day will definitely be incomplete without your computer or if your computer is not working just right. People can get easily frustrated when their computers slow down or even crash unexpectedly. Too many works or tasks will be affected and the result can really be costly.  For this reason, people should be aware on how to maintain their computers in good working condition all the time. You need to know what causes your computers to slow down so you can learn how to solve these kinds of issues on your own.

Your computer usually slows down because of too much data. It is a build-up of excess and unnecessary strains that accumulate as you do your ordinary tasks on the machine. Another thing, files in disarray could also affect your computer’s performance. Some people don’t know that every time you change something in your system, the operating system records those changes in the system registry. This will never be automatically deleted so over time it swells the size of the registry. The third common reason why you get a sluggish pc performance is overreaching. This term actually means that you are attempting to use an older or out-dated computer to run newer and more demanding software. The only solution to this third reason is to upgrade your computer right away.

But if you want to resolve your issues in your computer and optimize your pc’s performance, you must have some simple and effective guide that will guarantee you better computer’s performance. The Slow PC Tweak Guide can provide you proven methods that really work without spending too much on expensive software. Moreover, you will have some knowledge on the free CCleaner tool in this special tweak guide. It is actually highly recommended by Kris Mainieri, the mind behind The Slow PC Tweak Guide.

If you are not contented with how your computer is working for you. Take full control and apply all the settings you will learn in The Slow PC Tweak Guide. You can certainly improve your pc’s performance by 250% and you can get all your jobs done more efficiently.

The Slow PC Tweak Guide – Leading you to the Right Solutions

Is your computer boots up slower than before? Do you think it is not working the way it used to? The truth is computers just like the other things you bought and own usually begin to lose its performance over time. This machine really wears down every after use. However, your computer’s performance can still be improved and fully optimized just like a new computer if you understand what causes it to slow down.

This awareness can lead you to the right solution definitely. You should know that you should always protect your PC against thousands of viruses that continuously float around cyberspace. It is just common nowadays that even the most protected computer gets to have virus attacks from time to time. Even great anti-virus software that scans and destroys the virus cannot prevent the impact to the point where it affected your system’s performance. Moreover, since there are already many free software titles available in the internet, people tend to download and install games and applications.

Unfortunately, some of these programs attach themselves to your start up sequence that makes your computer loading time much slower. Remember that the more information left in your registry, the more congested it can become. This will in turn cause your computer to put in extra effort in finding what it is looking for.

Spyware, adware or malware is not as harmful as a virus. It cannot affect your system’s stability after all.  But it can add up to your registry and in turn, making it more congested. You will eventually make your booting time slower since most of them also start running once your computer has started.

The simplest and safest way to handle all these problems is to utilize a good registry cleaning software. The Slow PC Tweak Guide recommends great PC tools that can help you repair your PC.  CCleaner is a freeware system optimization that removes unused files from your system that will allow your windows to run faster. This can free up vital hard disk space. It can also clean the traces of your online activities like your internet history.

The Slow PC Tweak Guide is actually the best companion in maintaining your computer good as new. It has all the tips and easy step by step instructions on how to repair your technical issues. You can be a technical savvy without studying all the jargons. Now with this helpful guide, computer optimization will be easier and faster.

The Slow PC Tweak Guide Review to Consider

Almost every household and offices have computers. This machine has become a necessity in our everyday lives. Especially when we talk about businesses, computers are really one of the huge things they invest on. The work it performs is definitely priceless anyway. However, as time passes by, no matter how expensive and modern your computer is, it wears down inevitably.  That is when it becomes more expensive because you resort to different methods to repair your PC and make it run faster like before.

It is really frustrating when you have a slow performing computer in your face. You cannot finish your tasks efficiently and you end up building more work backlogs. One cannot withstand this kind of situation because it gets even worse day by day. But sometimes, hiring a professional technician to cure your PC’s problems will not be the right solution for you. Your PC may have a more sluggish performance and you may lose some important data stored in your computer.  For this reason, other people tend to look for helpful guides in the net that may also become very risky.  Sadly some of the guides are not presented in an organized manner and the person following the instructions may get confused and the result can become more disastrous.

Make sure you find only the finest PC tweak guide to consider. There are different reviews available over the internet. One good review you should be checking out is the Slow PC Tweak Guide review.  You should be able to see how people react to this amazing guide. Study all the comments that new users are saying. Consider the strong points of this guide and study all the possible flaws that may also prevent you from achieving your agenda. Weigh things carefully and get to know all the important information you need to know about this product.

The Slow PC Tweak Guide review should be mentioning that you can really fully optimized the performance of your computer through following the easy step by step procedures it contains. This guide can make your computers clean, fast and safe to use. You can speed up everything that you do after using the Slow PC Tweak Guide. Streaming video, browsing the web, downloading music and editing pictures will be faster than ever. This guide also comes with a money back guarantee if you think it did not really worked for you. But so far, many PC users were amazingly surprised how effective this product is. It certainly made their lives easier and less complicated once their computers become better than new.