Ontraport Announces Rollout Of Major Overhaul

After much eager anticipation, Ontraport has finally rolled out an upgrade. This massive overhaul offers current users a long list of benefits and nifty features to enjoy. These include a complete revamp of the interface, improved workflow, modified task outcome management, improved order forms (including tax and shipping management), improved message management, the introduction of built-in two-way SMS marketing, introduction of new lead source and ROI tracking features, and the addition of a new reporting dashboard.


Apart from these, Ontraport has also announced that they are using new hardware placed at a co-located data center which promises improved speed, security and scalability for their users.


Ontraport acknowledged that many of its clients rely heavily on the platform it offers. And in light of these massive changes and improvements, it assured that the necessary measures have been taken to ensure a seamless transition. It is for this reason that the new features will be initially released to new subscribers. The rationale behind this is that system issues are easier to pinpoint during initial account setup and not when a business has become totally reliant on the platform.


Ontraport has assured current users that once all kinks have been ironed and all hiccups have been fixed, current users can have a taste of these nifty new features come the end of March. Current users who want to be included in the waitlist for migration are advised to log on to their account and to click on the “Add me to waitlist” button that can be found on the left column of the current interface.


Along with this major announcement, Ontraport has also announced a referral contest to allow these massive changes to gain traction among more businesses. Winners of the contest can expect prizes and double commissions. Apart from these, users who join the contest will be able to give their referrals a special offer which will only be available from the referrer.


Indeed, with these slew of innovations and improvements, Ontraport users can put their businesses on autopilot, allowing them to perform key tasks from marketing to creating membership sites to customer support.


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