Benefit From The Squeeze And Sell Technique By Using The Giveaway Two Steps Squeeze Page Of LeadPages

If you’re hoping to create a profitable list, one of the best techniques to try is the “squeeze and sell,” and LeadPages has devised an effective way of applying this technique in all of the opt-in-pages they offer.




Businesses can quickly harness the benefits of the technique by using a page template that functions as both an opt-in and sales page.


This page called the Giveaway Two Steps Squeeze Page streamlines the process for the business and secures the important objective of growing their list whether customers go on with a purchase or not. What happens is when customers come to the page and decide to take up the offer presented, they need to get to the cart page — and they would have to opt in first. Once done with opting in, they can then proceed to making their final decision of purchasing or not purchasing – either way, the business gets the customer’s email addresses.




The other benefits derived from this provision (apart from a streamlined, easy process) are:




· The instant separation of buyers from non-buyers. It becomes easier to determine which people on the list will truly make a difference in the profitability objectives of the business. Finding out who these people are is crucial because the business can immediately start connecting with them and catering to their needs much better, and establish a good relationship.




· The page will help in getting the target audience to behave favorably toward the business. By easily presenting an offer that provides them more value for their money, trust is fostered. Therefore, in the future, it will become so much easier to sell them more expensive items because the business already established the “right” relationship and culture.




· The page leverages price curiosity. The moment customers click on the button and they can immediately see the price, they will be encouraged to opt in because they will automatically know if they can afford the offering or not — and most of the time, they can. According to LeadPages, this can oftentimes create higher engagement rates than just giving something away on a regular opt-in page.


For a detailed process on how to use this particular page template, visit LeadPages for a demo or a step-by-step guide.

Double Your Webinar Registrants With This LeadPages Template

Just how special are the people who opt-in for your special offers? To answer that, you need to look at the whole process these people have undergone up until opting in.


After you’ve built your business website, it’s most likely that you’ve spent time, money and effort to drive traffic to your site, perhaps through search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click, or a combination of two or three of these. That’s just the way the game is played.


Now, when a prospective customer is driven to your website, another important hurdle must be faced – making the customer stay and browse the content of your website. It’s one thing to motivate a customer to go to your website and it’s an entirely different thing to make him stay a bit longer. The sad truth is that about 70 percent of Web users leave a website without even fully discovering what it offers.


If you have an opt-in offer, only about 2 percent of the actual people who visited your website will take advantage of what you offer. That’s how special these customers are.


And what do you do after a customer opts in? It’s quite typical that a customer will be redirected to a thank you page which informs him or her about the delivery of the product he or she has opted in for.


Indeed, businesses should be grateful to these customers. But why stop there?


Any savvy business owner recognizes a pattern here: the pattern of saying “yes” to you.


This is evident in the customer’s decision to go to your website, to stay and consume your content, and to opt into your offer. Isn’t it logical to push things further? Why break that pattern when everything is working to your advantage?


Recognizing this unique position, the LeadPages team has developed a template that doubles as a thank you and webinar registration page. This allows you to strike while the proverbial iron is hot.


If you are currently subscribed to LeadPages, this template is readily available for download and can be used immediately. Just like other templates, this thank you webinar page can be customized, including the copy and images used. By taking advantage of this template, you can double your number of webinar registrants.



On the other hand, if you are not a LeadPages customer, you can still get the template for free.


One caveat, though: You may need the service of a coder to tweak and publish the page for you which can set you back by about $300.


Get LeadPages using THIS LINK

LeadPages: The Successful Sales Funnel Solution for the Podcasters’ Paradise Launch

EntrepreneurOnFire is a top-ranked business podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. Since its launch in 2012, it has featured some of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs today such as Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Barbara Corcoran and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few.


In a recent guest post, John shared how he was able to build an effective sales funnel for his podcast’s latest community, Podcasters’ Paradise, using LeadPages software. LeadPages, co-founded by Clay Collins, is the easiest way to create mobile-responsive conversion pages that serve as a business’s solution to generating more leads, growing larger audiences, and building a bigger business.


“Thanks to this sales funnel, our new community now has over 300 members,” John shares. “Currently, we’re sitting at $98,993 in sales. In fact, this sales funnel even pre-sold Podcasters’ Paradise before we even opened the doors. All this would never have happened if we didn’t have LeadPages.”

Podcasters’ Paradise: A new community rises

This new community was designed with podcasters looking to create, grow and monetize their podcast in mind. John’s plan was to create video tutorials demonstrating how he was able to accomplish these same feats with EntrepreneurOnFire.


What he needed was a way to put all the pieces together and successfully launch this community.

Finding the right launch tools

John explored making different sales pages using WordPress and an OptimizePress plugin. While the resulting pages served their purpose, John noted that integrating them with Infusionsoft, EntrepreneurOnFire’s CRM, proved difficult. What’s more, he had no way of ensuring that people who opted in to receive information about the Podcasters’ Paradise launch would actually be added to their contact records with the appropriate tags inside Infusionsoft.


Building a sales funnel with LeadPages

Knowing that LeadPages has helped him in his lead generation strategies for over a year and that it has a diverse suite of marketing tools and revolutionary capabilities that would make the launch a success, John decided to build his community’s sales funnel using LeadPages — and was exceedingly happy with the results.


By utilizing a number of conversion page templates created by the LeadPages team (including the Sales Letter Template, Special Offer Video With Countdown Template, Live Page Template, and Special Offer With Pop-Up Bonus Sandwich Template), John was able to validate interest for his new offering, encourage people to become early-bird members, and build his membership even before the actual product launch.


To discover the different templates used in the step-by-step sales funnel strategy created by John Lee Dumas, click here.