How To Boost Webinar Attendance Using A Video Webinar Registration Page By LeadPages

Webinars are essential tools for providing exceptional value to your customers. They are great for providing useful information and encouraging your target audience to engage in conversation, and are helpful in letting people take a sneak peek at what you have to offer.


Getting people to opt into your webinar is the primary goal, and to complement this, the LeadPages team devised a simple yet highly effective extra step to motivate your audience to actually attend the webinar they signed up for — putting a video on your webinar registration thank you page.


You may be unsure of what to put in this video, but there’s no need to worry. LeadPages has created a general video that will work with any kind of webinar you are hosting because it simply lets viewers know what to do next after opting into a webinar.

The contents of the video will be something like this:

“Congratulations for opting into this webinar! We (the organizers) guarantee that the information you receive from this webinar will be of great value to you and your business, and that it will be well worth your time.

Here are the next four things you can do now.

1. Print This Page
Click the “Click to print this page” link at the upper right corner. The insights you learn from the video are so valuable, and printing the page will let you get a copy of all the important points that you can then stick to your refrigerator door, pin to your corkboards, or affix anywhere it can be easily seen for better recall.


2. Share on Social Media
Like the webinar on Facebook, tweet about it, and post it on Google+. This will let other people know about the webinar. Because it’s free, this is a nice little way to pay us back — by sharing the information for other people to discover.


3. Add to Your Calendar
With just one click, you can add this webinar to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCalendar so that you’re sure to be reminded of it.


4. Download the Workbook
You’ll want to download the workbook we prepared for this very purpose. Have it open and ready for taking notes as the webinar goes on so you won’t miss a thing. You can download it now so you can go through it and get an idea of the topics to be discussed during the webinar.”


If you’re a LeadPages user and you want to use this video, here’s what you need to do:

· Inside LeadPages, when you’re customizing your webinar registration thank you page, click on the video.

· Copy it, go to the URL, get the embed code under the video, and paste it in the video box.

· Finish customizing the page and then save it. When you publish, the video will be live on your page.


If you want to download the video and modify it to work with another webinar registration page, you can download the video as a Screenflow file and as a high-quality MP4 file that you can post anywhere. If you have a LeadPages account (if you don’t and plan to create one), you may click HERE.

How To Customize The Social Proof Opt-in Page In LeadPages

As far as lead pages go, LeadPages’ is definitely equipped with all the most attractive and effective solutions. Knowing how important creating beautiful lead pages are in generating traffic and securing conversions, LeadPages always makes sure that its templates are easy to customize according to the requirements of its clients. One great proof is this gorgeous lead generation page that will allow businesses to show social proof to establish credibility and capitalize on most consumers’ herd mentality. Showing social proof in split tests has been revealed to increase conversions by over a hundred percent.


However, this can be tricky — the last thing you want is to appear like you’re bragging, which can actually turn potential customers away. With the right lead generation page, that problem can easily be taken care of.


To secure all the benefits of strategic placement and presentation of social proof to get opt-ins, here is the process of using the social proof opt-in page in LeadPages.


· Just like with all pages in LeadPages, all you have to do is click on an element to start editing. Start off with the header image; go to the style settings and change all the elements that you want, and then change the headline and the subhead so that they reflect what you’re giving away.


· Proceed to update the bullet points under the subhead, add your text, and click OK.


· Head to the testimonials section and if you wish to hide it; you can do so by clicking Hide. However, since testimonials serve as social proof, you’re likely not to do that. Instead, update the testimonials by adding your text and then choosing the image to use. The cool thing about adding pictures or images is you don’t need to upload a round image – meaning you don’t need to edit the image yourself using a different program so it can be uploaded; LeadPages will make it round for you.


· Select an email provider you wish to integrate with, and indicate which list to add people to. This page you’re creating then can serve as a Webinar registration page as well as a Facebook registration page – just click the appropriate options in the setting.


· Turn on the option to send out the conversion encyclopedia after somebody opts in, and then select the file from the drop down menu.


· Once you’re done customizing this page, name it and save the page.


· The page will go live after you’ve saved it, and then you can proceed to hit Publish. You will be provided a URL that you can immediately view on the Internet. You can choose to publish the page on WordPress, add it to Facebook as a tab, or you can download the file and put it on your own server, and you’re done.


Add social proof to your brand promotion by checking out this template inside LeadPages – CLICK HERE.

LeadPages Split Test Case Study: How To Boost Your Response By 307%

Making decisions based on actual, accurate and evidence-based information can present a significant boost to business owners looking for immediate growth strategies. In the case of one LeadPages customer, the boost is precisely 307 percent. What’s interesting is that this huge increase was made possible with just a seemingly simple tweak in the opt-in page. The customer wouldn’t have applied this game-defining change if not for the split test they implemented using LeadPages.


The original version
The opt-in page in question is owned by award-wining author Amanda Stevens. The page shows the striking red cover of her book titled “Retail Revival” on the left-hand side. On the right side is the original headline declaring “New Book Reveals Rescue Remedies for Retailers” in bold letters. Under it, in smaller font, is the subhead and a short reader’s review. Running along the bottom line is an offer for a free sneak peak at some of the chapters of the book.


The second version
Everything is the same, except for one simple change: the headline, revised to “If you’re a retailer in need of fresh ideas and proven growth strategies, this book is for you!”


The shocking results
Ms. Stevens ran an A/B split test to see how her conversions will be affected by the headline change. The wining headline dominated by an astonishing 307.77 percent. The second version – the one with the headline that directly addresses the reader – won hands down. As a writer, Ms. Stevens had an inkling that the second headline might perform better. But she was able to validate her theory and confirm just exactly how much impact it could have only through the split test.


The LeadPages numbers
A 95 percent probability is usually enough to determine the effectiveness of a variation. The LeadPages split test platform showed that the second headline had a 99.98 percent probability, with a 307.77 percent response rate.


LeadPages offers its pro members an innovative system of doing fast, easy-to-implement split testing. Basically, all you have to do is use the “add variation” functionality to set up your choice B page. After you have saved the changes, the split test is immediately ready for implementation. Armed with timely and accurate information, you can now make decisions that leave nothing to chance. Start testing by getting LeadPages HERE.

Brand New Webinar Registration Page Templates Outperform LeadPages’ Highest Converting Page

Online marketing strategies are continuously upgrading and the latest provisions outperform their top-performing predecessors. The highest converting page by LeadPages has been dethroned, but not by the efforts of a different company – seeing that there’s still a lot of room for improvement for their previous offering, LeadPages worked its magic and upcycled a great product thought up by a fierce ally and competition. They worked on the templates from the ground up to achieve more as far as conversion is concerned.


The new templates that can be used for webinar registration pages were designed by in-house designer Stella, and they are absolutely beautiful. But not only that, in a split test against the previous high-performing template created by James Schramko, there was an automatic difference with the results — with the new templates performing significantly better, of course. What was determined through the test was that pages with a high call to action, even when it’s in the header, outperform pages with low calls to action. Likewise, Gideon Shalwick’s lesson on pages with countdown timers outperforming pages without countdown timers proved to be true as well in increasing the effectiveness of the templates.


But of course, major props to James Schramko for coming up with a really good basic design for LeadPages to build upon; all the additional efforts to improve it were inspired because it was that effective.


OK, so now you have high calls to action and the countdown timer, but the improvement doesn’t end there. LeadPages also managed to turn the page into one that works with one or two hosts. On top of this, it also blurred out the mind map in the background, which is a good strategy because people can’t read it easily, hence their curiosity level goes up and they choose to opt in. Here’s more: LeadPages added the ability to have multiple bullet points and there’s also a call to action button at the bottom. You can disable (just) these elements, or if you’d like to turn everything off from a separator down to the bottom of the page, you may do so as well.



In a nutshell, comparing the previous with the new, what can beat the improved, fortified versions that also maintain the values that have made the previous offering great?


These new templates are super easy to customize and those who want to learn the process can follow the provided tutorial online. In just a matter of minutes, they can create webinar registration pages that secure unbeatable high conversions. Click here to get started immediately!

How To Customize The Elegant Basic Opt-in Page In LeadPages

Time and again, LeadPages proves its dedication to creating attractive and effective lead pages for online marketing. And now, its latest offering is generating a lot of interest for not just being beautiful in its simplicity but also impressively effective and efficient.


The Elegant Basic Opt-in Page was strategically designed to get people to opt-in without being too visually arresting. The subtle integrations are well-calculated so viewers will be led to “naturally” opt-in. It’s important to mention as well that this lovely page is quite easy to customize in LeadPages — in no time it will be up and viewable through WordPress, Facebook or your own server.


The Steps

1. Find the Elegant Basic Opt-In Page and slide to use this template.


2. Decide on what you’re giving away for opt-ins (say, a video) and then add your logo at the top.


3. Add your headline to the Headline section. Like with all other pages in LeadPages, just click on the section to start editing.


4. Add the benefits of choosing to opt-in. What’s particularly cool about this page is you can easily add the benefits which will appear in bullet form and the page will naturally expand or contract as you put in all the benefits you can think of for your opt-in provision.


5. Once you’re done listing all the benefits, you can then add a thumbnail of your video (or whatever product you’re giving away).


6. Proceed to select your integration: the list you want to add people to; integration with Go To Webinar so the page can also serve as a webinar registration page; and integration with Facebook which will allow people to opt-in using their Facebook account.



7. Head to the Brand section. You have to option to use it or not. Fill it with the right details by clicking on the brands that you’ve been seen through if you want to use this section. And if you don’t, just click Hide.



8. Name the page and then save the page. Once saved, the page will automatically go live online.


9. Click the Publish button and you will then be provided a URL that will allow you to view the page that you’ve just created.


10. Lastly, go back to the Publish page and select the different places where you want to publish the page such as WordPress or Facebook, or you can download the file and put it on your own server. And you’re done.


The process is very easy; you don’t even need to be particularly tech-savvy. In just under an hour, you get a professional-looking lead page to serve your business. Click here and start optimizing your very own Elegant Basic Opt-in Page.

How To Use LeadBoxes To Boost Your Conversions

LeadPages customers have been excited to use LeadBoxes to generate more leads. To help them make the most efficient use of this feature, the LeadPages team has been providing instructions on how to optimize it for specific purposes.


In using LeadBoxes to improve conversion rates and performance, you can apply the following suggestions:


Application #1 When you give away a custom LeadMagnet with every blog post


If you have a food blog, you could give away recipes for which they have to opt in. If you’re fond of writing long blog posts, you could save these as PDFs, and to boost opt-in rates, allow people to opt in for a LeadMagnet that’s customized to that specific post. Giving away a custom LeadMagnet with every blog post is the best way for a blog to grow its opt-in rate.


Instead of sending people from the blog post to a separate landing page, however, just have a LeadBox appear on the website. Opt-ins have been observed to increase 30%-40% on average when customers switch to having a LeadBox appear on the same page instead of sending people to a separate landing page where they can opt in.


There are instances, of course, when it’s better to send people to a separate page to opt in such as in the cases of email, paid advertizing, affiliate promotions. The rule of thumb is, if someone’s already on a page, don’t make them leave it just to opt-in; use a LeadBox instead.


Application #2 – When you do guest posts


You have a much better chance of getting new subscribers and increasing your conversion rates when links on a blog post produce a LeadBox wherein readers could opt in on the same page instead of sending them to a separate landing page. You can have a LeadBox appear on any website the link is published on.


Application #3 – When you have an opt-in box on the sidebar


Many websites have an opt-in box on their sidebar, but there’s a distinct advantage of having a LeadBox appear on the same page when the opt-in button is clicked. If you’re afraid that using a LeadBox in your sidebar will decrease the number of your opt-ins, you can simply have both, create an opt-in form and a LeadBox as well. However, from studies conducted by the LeadPages team, it’s really more effective to simply use a LeadBox on the sidebar.


Business owners take advantage of these tools with a common goal in mind: to boost conversions. Before you get to improve your conversion rate, however, first you have to increase your opt-ins, and LeadBoxes have managed to do this in the applications cited above. Work on boosting conversions now with the help of LeadBoxes by getting it from LeadPages HERE.