Get The LeadPages Best Bonus Sign Up Ever

When you buy LeadPages from us, you get valuable bonuses to choose from. Each bonus is geared to give you insights and increase value in your business. One of the newest LeadPages best bonus signup you could choose is the Fast Web Formula 4 Live, which features video presentations on the following critical topics, among others:

· Effective ways you can leverage your business and maximize marketing opportunities.
· James Schramko’s secrets to generating million-dollar content.
· A podcast episode of ThinkActGet with James Schramko and Ezra Firestone.
· Making good quality videos with Ryan Spanger.
· James Schramko’s formula for doing less and getting more results.


You can also choose the Superfast PPC bonus, which is basically a training course on how you can do pay per click effectively, how you can get leads, and how you can get into the top 3 percent of advertisers that are leading pay per click campaigns within your industry.


If you’ve got problems with converting prospects into actual sales, you could go with the Conversion Tracking bonus. This awesome bonus will help you improve your business faster because it will allow you to understand where your customers are coming from; it will teach you about the tools for tracking conversion and how to use them; it will tell you which campaigns are effective, and it will give you an insider’s look into how James Schramko has been able to use conversion tracking to scale his own Web business.


The other bonuses you can get from purchasing LeadPages through are SuperFast Affiliate Masterclass, How to Use CRM, Content Assault – Content Creation Training, Authority Leverage, and many more.


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How To Kill It On Facebook With A New Landing Page From LeadPages

At any given time, Facebook has got 727 million users checking in on their pages, changing statuses, posting comments, photos, and essentially, doing all sorts of “Facebook-y” stuff (hopefully, not “catfishing”). With 1.19 billion active users worldwide, you’ve got hundreds, thousands, and even millions of possible customers that are “hanging out” on the world’s biggest social networking site. According to LeadPages, these users are all just waiting to discover all the great things your business has to offer.


Unlike some landing page generators in the market, LeadPages has the distinction of being Facebook-compatible, which means all the well-designed templates — from the opt-in pages to the launching soon pages — can be published directly to your Facebook page, allowing you to leverage your audience from the social network.


Here’s even better news: you can build your list, generate improved interaction, and create a bigger Facebook audience with the Facebook list-building landing page from LeadPages. Called the Made for Facebook Giveaway Page, the newest LeadPages template was designed from the ground up, with SuperFastBusiness founder James Schramko, and it will enable you to give away “free killer content on Facebook while getting Facebook users to opt-in to your list and to like your page.”


LeadPages shares that Schramko shared his original design, which the team at LeadPages tweaked to optimize the template for more conversions. Publishing the template to the Facebook page is done in four easy clicks. You only need to go to the LeadPages editor and select how you’d like to publish your page. First, click Add to Facebook page. Second, Choose Facebook Pages. Third, click desired page on drop down menu. And fourth, click Add Page Tab.


Users of the Made for Facebook Giveaway Page will “like” the “Like” button of the template lining up directly below Facebook’s Like section.


Customization of the LeadPages Facebook list-building template will be easy to do, much like all of the landing page generator’s marketing pages. You simply select areas that need to be changed or updated, from the copy to the logo to the colors that reflect your branding. Naturally, don’t forget to add your opt-in, which is how you’ll build your list, and to include your offer, be it a training video or downloadable e-book, by clicking the Lead Magnets delivery section. This feature takes care of sending all your freebies, from reports to videos, in exchange for a client or customer’s email address.


The beauty of the LeadPages Facebook list-building page is that the template you’ve already created for the social network can also be published for other platforms like on WordPress or on your own server.


Once you’ve published your page on Facebook, you can sit back, relax, and watch your list grow — maybe by the hundreds, maybe by the millions. So, start adding more likes and opt-ins to your site by checking out the template here.

Ask And You Shall Receive — LeadPages Announces Easy, New Template Selector

LeadPages revolutionized the way landing pages are created today. It makes it easy making opt-in pages, sales pages, launch pages, launching soon pages, thank you pages, and a host of other marketing pages that can grow any business on the Web.



And the world’s easiest and lightning fast landing page generator just got better, thanks in large part to the inquiries it has been receiving about what certain templates can actually do. In the past, customers of LeadPages would have to click the thumbnail version of the template in order to see what’s on it and what it can do. So LeadPages overhauled its template selector in order to make it more user-friendly.


The major facelift lets LeadPages customers see templates better. For starters, the top part of the page showcases templates as customers view each one through sliding navigation. This section allows users to decide which templates to use without having to click templates each time. When the preferred template is found, users can simply click on Use This Template.


Meanwhile, the lower portion of the page features individual templates in bigger thumbnail versions. When users hover over the thumbnail, the Use This Template appears. Each thumbnail will also come with information on whether the template supports multiple form fields.



Another change introduced to the template selector is the template category section on the left part of the page. So if you’re looking for a specific template, like an upsell page or a webinar page, you can simply click your desired category and be led to designs that correspond to the template you need.


Just because these major changes were made, doesn’t mean LeadPages has forgotten features that work for the template selector. You can still arrange the templates according to their conversion rates. In addition, the team at LeadPages shares that new templates will come with a note stating that they might not have enough data on the average conversion rate so you’re well informed about every template.


Finally, the overall design of the LeadPages member area has gotten a Web 3.0 flat design, from the banner to the account selector. These changes and improvements are in keeping with LeadPages’s commitment to its look, feel, and usability. And you’re invited to check it out and see for yourself.


To check out this updated feature, get LeadPages through this link.

The Long Form Squeeze Page Template and a Customization Guide for LeadPages Users

This Long Form Squeeze Page will make your task in creating landing page sweeter.

Solutions to common challenges

Google Ranking vs. People Ranking

Nowadays, Google rank long landing page higher in search results. This conflicts with simple pages that want to capture today’s audience with a shorter attention span. Trying to work these two variables out to produce something that meets both preferences was definitely a challenge, but the new Long Form Squeeze Page manages to strike the balance that serves both.


Case Study
Natalia and Frank Kern designed a very versatile template for squeeze page creation. It’s mobile-responsive, meaning no matter what type of device a person is using to view the page, it will display properly. On top of that, the page sandwiches compelling copy between opt-ins so there’s no waste of space, and it does not visually overwhelm people looking at it. Worth mentioning as well is that it’s great to use as a Facebook landing page, which is a cool little side benefit.


How To Customize
Customizing the template is very easy and you will have it ready for your business marketing needs with just several drags and drops, as with other LeadPages templates. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so inside LeadPages.

1. If you want to change the logo, just click on the current logo to edit it then add your own.change-logo

2. You can then present your offering or lead magnet by adding an image that represents that. Click on an image file you already have to replace the ones on the template.change-lead-magnet

3. Afterwards, create your compelling headline copy to capture people’s attention or get them to opt-in or read further down the page.


4. Next, it’s time to add your compelling body copy. Make it just the right length of content that manages to present all the important information about your offer.

5. Once you’re done with your body copy, move on to the bottom of the page and edit the call-to-action. Change the image again to the one that represents your offer and then change the message beside it to match your offer.bottom-page-cta-and-header

6. Set up your opt-in form integration; you do this by selecting what service you want to integrate with and select which list you’d like to add people to. Once that’s done, you can click people’s email addresses.opt-in-form-integration

7. Finally, set the lead magnet delivery system which handles delivery of your free reports, e-books, and such – products that you give away in exchange for someone’s email address.set-lead-magnets

After Customization
Once you’re done customizing the page, it’s time to name the page and save the page. Immediately after saving, the page will go live online. Click the Publish button and you will be provided a URL that will allow you to view the page. Once you’re done viewing your newly customized landing page, you can go back to the Publish box and choose to publish the page on WordPress or Facebook, or you can download the file and put it in your own server.


More features and new page templates will be released by LeadPages landing page software.

LeadPages Freebie – 404 Landing Page Template to Build Your List

Hey, this is Jeff Weinberg from Leadpages. Back in the day, we as a company were linked to by one of the biggest blogs out there at the time. I’m not able to tell you which blog it was but it was significant for us. This was so exciting and just an insanely huge opportunity when this huge blog wanted to link to us. We knew when it was going to happen and there was all this built up anticipation when the day finally came.


The blog post with our link in it was published and we were all excited about this blog linking to us. That should have been, you know, the start of our meteoric rise to fame but instead what happened was something went wrong with the link and all the traffic was sent to a 404 page. So, everyone that we could have helped and formed relationships with and everyone that could have otherwise learned from us and experiencing great things were ultimately lost because they ended up on the 404 page and left our site.


I’m sure everyone watching this video has had the experience of being linked to at the wrong URL. You know, sometimes people send out the wrong URL or the page goes down or whatever the case may be. When this happens, you want to make sure that no one leaks off your site. You want to be able to provide as much value to as many people as possible because usually, once those people are gone, they don’t come back.


Now, our friend Pat Flynn at the Smart Passive Income blog uses one option that looks like this, which is great. You can get people moving back on to his website with the search function here and also with the popular links. The truth is though, most people that come to your website and see a 404 page aren’t actually familiar with you and allowing them to search and see your most popular posts doesn’t necessarily serve their best interest. The only thing that they’re going to know is that the page that they’re looking for isn’t there so most likely they’ll leave.


What we recommend is this specific page. This is our favorite 404 landing page template that builds your list for you. So, if you’re not fully seeing why we like this page yet, let me show you… (watch the video to find out more).


If you already have LeadPages™ on your website, you don’t have to download this template – it’s available to you inside your account. Simply log in and customize this page quickly and easily. You can even make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your CRM, run split tests and publish it on Facebook, WordPress or your very own server.

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Run Split Tests Using LeadPages With No Additional Fees

Hey, Jeff Weinberg from Leadpages here. We really wanted to do something huge and we wanted to bring something new and powerful to LeadPages. Something that people have been asking for for forever that would have a huge impact and we’re super happy to unveil for the first time ever LeadPages’ built-in split testing. We’ve added the most simple split testing experience we’ve ever seen before.


Over the course of our videos, we’ve told you about a lot of different people that have had amazing results with their lead pages. They got those results out of the box with our pages because we do internal split testing on our end to make sure that our landing pages are the highest converting land pages out there. In fact, If you’d like to see which pages are currently converting the best, you can easily sort the pages by opt-in rate to find up-to-date ranking of our landing pages by conversion rate. LeadPages pages are all designed based on extensive internal split testing that we do. Now, we want to give the ability to run split tests to you.


Split testing has always been a necessity but a pain to set up. Typically, you’d have to find some external split testing software to use, create your pages set up the software for all your pages, install a tracking code on each page you want to split test, plus other possible steps depending on the split testing service you’re using. It can be a total nightmare to set up.


Instead of having one tool to create landing pages and a separate tool for split testing and having different logins for both, what’s different about LeadPages is… (keep watching to find out more).


If you purchase later than August 31st, you’ll need to pay an additional fee for the split testing. However, those who buy before the said date will be exempted and carried over to the free split testing for as long as they maintain their accounts.


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