Discover Competitive Keywords With Market Samurai

3A-Market-SamuraiWhen you understand your market and know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, then you know the essential factors of having a successful business online or offline. With an online business, the essential things are hidden.  When you use Market Samurai, you’ll more or less gauge the niche you’re planning to get into has too many competition.
A Competitive Keyword

Let’s say you are planning to start a golf business online, Market Samurai will be able to help you analyse the competition level of the keywords through its SEO Matrix. There will be some points that you’ll notice as you research this keyword:
–          Most of the sites that rank for this ‘golf’ keyword have at least a 10 year old domain.
–          The websites have page ranks ranging from five up to seven.  Their backlinks profile specify that both the overall domains and ranking pages have a substantial number of backlinks that point back to their website.
–          The backlinks come from trustworthy sites that have domain names such as .edu or .gov
–          Its directory backlinks websites mainly use Yahoo directories and DMOZ.
–          As of on page factors, you will see that the websites put in a lot of effort in terms of integrating the keyword in their page titles, meta descriptions and tags and the URL.
The things that you discovered about the sites indicate that it won’t be easy competing with them for that ‘golf’ keyword.
Another way to go about this is to search for related keywords or keyphrases that you can use such as ‘golf putter’.  When you use that keyword, the SEO Matrix will show that there’s not a lot of websites that are highlighted in red that indicates that they are using this particular key Phrase.  With the domain age, you’ll see that the top 10 sites are also new, around five years or more.  They would also have page ranks that are in between two and five. When you check the profile of their backlinks, you’ll see that it comes from various sources.  In terms of authority, there may be one or two links from a .gov or a .edu website. Some of them use Yahoo directories and DMOZ too. As for its on page factors, not all of these websites are optimized properly.
The competition of this key phrase may not be as high as the ‘golf’ keyword, however, it will yield your efforts to rank well.
To start using Market Samurai in your research, head over to its review.