Which Is Better Between OfficeAutopilot And AWeber?

Staying in contact with customers is one of the most effective methods for online marketing.  One-way or two-way communication can accomplish so much in turning potential customers into actual ones. Mainly because of this, it’s crucial to have the right automated email marketing tools; with the perfect match of a program for your business’s online marketing activities, you can accomplish more by doing less.


Currently, the frontrunners when it comes to automated programs for online marketing are OfficeAutopilot and AWeber. These two have evolved greatly over time and display tremendous flexibility in catering to the increasing requirements of Web-based enterprises these days. But which of them is better? There’s only one way to find out and that is to compare both programs’ functionalities and features.

AWeber’s email marketing program allows you to do the following:



·         Create and send professional marketing newsletters


·         Build email lists using attractive sign-up forms


·         Choose from over 150 easy-to-use HTML email templates


·         Import custom email templates designed for the user or by the user outside of AWeber


·         Manage the information sent to or collected from specific segments of email subscribers


·         Configure an autoresponder function that automatically sends emails


·         Track the performance of every sent email


·         Create emails from your latest blog posts


·         Integrate third party applications


·         Include GIFs, JPG, and PNG image files to email for a more visually attractive and effective email marketing


·         Drag and drop files you wish to include to or remove from your template instead of going through the menu and copy-pasting HTMLs

As for the OfficeAutopilot email marketing software, it enables you to:



·         Target the right contacts for specific offers using precise list segmentation


·         Organize email automation for unlimited follow-up sequences


·         Choose between HTML and text versions for customers’ maximum readability


·         Send emails “from” own domain instead of a suspicious-looking address


·         Track whether emails are successfully delivered, opened, clicked, or unopened


·         Automatically clean bounces and unsubscribe requests from your lists


·   Allow customers to use a customizable preferences center so they can choose which communications to receive


·         Create a SmartForm


·         Integrate OAP to WordPress


·   Take advantage of Concierge Services for maintenance, custom building, training, and migrations. This isn’t for free but it’s certainly a worthy investment that will relieve users of certain responsibilities and that will have the experts doing them


So which is better?  The answer is easy – it’s the one that effectively meets the needs of your business. Both provisions boast a wealth of functionalities and have their particular strengths.  They can accomplish a lot of tasks for your business but since every business has its own specific needs, how these are met should determine which of these two is better for you. To make your decision a lot easier, get AWeber or OfficeAutopilot right now and test them yourself.

Building Your E-Course With AWeber Email Marketing

When you create an e-course, you can already connect with your target market.  The e-course builds up trust and they will start seeing you as a credible provider.  This marketing platform is very powerful because you can then easily reach out to those who have signed up for your course.  They instantly get updates about your products and offers.  On top of that, they will eventually see how your brand delivers and perhaps spread the word.

Successful Course

For your courses to succeed, all you have to do is keep the timing in mind, as well as the frequency and delivery of your modules.  These factors will have direct influences on your course’s success.


Now you might ask, how can you send out the session to those members who have signed up for it? – by having the right autoresponder tool.  And by having that type of tool, you can easily organize your dispatch according to its sequence as well as schedule that you see is most effective.

Using Aweber

In case you are new to this and are wondering how you can start building your own e-course; the answer is Aweber.  When you use Aweber, you no longer have to deal with the technicalities.  All that’s left for you to do is focus on your content.


Now that you know which tools can be of help, it’s time for you to work on your subscriber list, your e-course design, and set up the payment process through your Paypal account.


When you have done all these, you are now ready to launch your e-course.  Now to keep track of your business marketing efforts, don’t forget to use AWeber.

AWeber Vs. GetResponse


Two of the hottest offerings on the market today are AWeber and GetResponse. Both have earned good marks from reviewers, and they offer similar basic features and benefits, such as unlimited lists, unlimited autoresponders, unlimited emails, detailed statistics, a variety of opt-in forms, etc. How do you determine which one will suit your needs better?

 Let’s look at pricing

GetResponse is slightly cheaper. However, many people believe that AWeber is priced reasonably considering the quality of the service it provides. For instance, if you have a blog, AWeber is the best service to cater to its various needs. It has a blog broadcast feature, allowing you to send out an email for every post you publish, or less frequently than that, depending on your preference. It also reports to FeedBurner, so your email subscribers can be included in the total count of your RSS subscribers. Besides these, AWeber also features sign-up with Facebook integration, which is great for more social proof.

 Inbox Reach

Both products do well with AWeber again slightly edging out GetResponse, thanks to its zero tolerance for spam. This is a vital factor in the game of email marketing, which is why AWeber is a distinct favorite, frequently endorsed by VIP bloggers and marketing experts.


 AWeber leads GetResponse in many aspects, but if you’re looking for a slightly more affordable option that will provide good quality service as well, GetResponse is the email marketing investment for you. However, if you fell like the former is a better fit to your business needs, you could check  out the complete Aweber review here and try it today.

An Aweber Email Marketing Review That Can Prove To Be Of Great Help

Of course we will all say yes when someone says that communication is a very essential aspect of our lives, most especially in the business world. No one would ever like to be left behind in terms of their subscriptions or sales as well as other products and services.


In email marketing, there are solutions that have been developed to make the process even more productive and less tiring, and you would not want to send all your emails to your subscribers one at a time. And through browsing the World Wide Web, an Aweber email marketing review was found. This could prove to be one of the most effective solutions to good communication in the online business world. It is said that Aweber technology will let you boost your relationship with your subscribers by making it a lot easier for you to contact your subscribers.


 Additionally, you would also be able to monitor if your email was actually read since it offers a feature that will let you know if the email was indeed read. Since people are widely using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Aweber can enable you to post to the walls of your subscribers and tweet your newest emails to your followers. Above all, it will also let you publish your emails online so that your subscribers may look up previous emails, and share your content with other members.


Those are just a few of the great things about Aweber email marketing; you can have a look at a full review about Aweber email marketing here.

Aweber Email Marketing Software Bonus: A Powerful Tool For An Ideal Site

aweber-marketingEmail marketing campaign can work well to promote your online business. To start up, you first need to build you customer database list to invite them to visit your website and present your offerings. You can add people to your database through squeeze pages or sidebar opt in forms in different sites. You can offer treats and free deals to get their attention and sign in. After creating you customer list, an email marketing software like Aweber can do the rest of you email marketing job.


With this powerful tool, you can start sending your customers regular updates about your business fast and easy. They will receive email alerts, newsletters and notifications for your latest product offerings or promotions. You can likewise send coupons for your shopping sites. With autoresponders, you can automatically deliver messages to your new customers or via an advance schedule system. There are also templates available to customize your emails according to your customer segments. This way, you can send specific information according to their actions.


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