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What would you do if you knew that there is a distribution WordPress plugin that syndicates blog posts to different Web 2.0 property sites and the hooked readers get some information about the content, and they follow the links to your blog?

Certainly, anyone who has a weblog understands the importance of this in getting visitors. Good thing for them, there is such a plugin for WordPress that is now made available, and it is called WPSyndicator!

In this review, the unique abilities of this tool will be discussed and how beneficial it is in getting visitors to your weblog. Primarily, what this tool will do is take an excerpt of your post and distribute it for you to a number of reputable Web 2.0 property sites and tweet it also for you through your Twitter account.

In the excerpt of your post, it includes the link pointing back to your weblog so the intrigued readers can view your blog and read through the whole post. You’ll get the significant inbound link as well, aside from the advantage of getting visitors to your weblog.

Offered to you by the author of WPSyndicator himself, Andy Fletcher, are lifetime updates to the tool which will really make it something worth bargaining for. Suggested by Andy’s current clients and beta testers, you can find a few updates that he just recently added, which includes the option to distribute webpages along with blogposts. But to avoid being tagged as a spammer by Web 2.0 property sites, you need to be mindful of the rate limit that each Web 2.0 site has set.

Just like most WP plugins out there, it is very easy and simple to install. Plus, in setting up your accounts on different websites for the first time, you will only need about an hour to do so and then the distribution process will take less than a minute.

To make it even easier and simpler for its users, Andy has provided some useful instructional videos that offer directions in the navigation to help users get through the distribution process. And also, to give them the capability to shorten their links, Andy also added a bit.ly connection which is necessary if you want to do micro-blogging using websites like what you commonly do with Twitter or any other social networking sites.

Users will also have the capability to distribute their previous posts. There is a link “Click here to syndicate”, every time a user tries to modify a post. They can manage just by clicking on a press button without having any issues in distributing recent and old posts. Just always keep in mind not to go too far and know the limit on distributing your content, simply because, you will be tagged as a spammer.

Distributing a single recent and previous post is enough, according to Andy. By doing this, the hooked readers will be able to follow whatever message you’re trying to convey to them, or else, they become inundate with the content you’re distributing.

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