WP Syndicator Specification – The Push-Button IM Solution

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To answer questions regarding the efficiency of using wp syndicator for building backlinks and content syndication, it is best to take a closer look at the WP syndicator specification.

This WordPress plugin has been getting quite a buzz in the world of internet marketing as it helps save a lot of time in getting short-term traffic, as well as long-term deep backlinks to one’s campaign. The whole process of getting one’s content published on various blogging platforms is simplified through syndication.

Syndication using WP Syndicator lets other sites and entities share a part of your blog on their pages, with a backlink at the end that says “read more…” that would redirect the reader to your site when clicked.  The WP syndicator specification for the number of characters it automatically grabs is 500 characters.  The program then automatically sends this snippet to the Web 2.0 platforms included in its list.

This plugin is quite easy to install, and it gets frequent updates from the author.  The initial setup and configuration might take about an hour or two, as you would need to manually input the user login information to each individual site you’d want your web content syndicated to.

WP Syndicator gets updated every so often by the author, thereby assuring you that the list of sites you are establishing backlinks with are up-to-date and are very competitive in terms of page rank and traffic.

The way it works is that it gives you access pass to all the blogging sites you have entered when you configured it the first time, thus taking less time than it would normally take for you to manually access each individual site to post your content. The interface also has a field where you can put in the anchor texts or keywords you’d like your post to come up on.

Once the initial setup is done, you can readily use the applet to distribute content to the predefined platforms.  You have the tick-box option that allows you to check from the list of Web 2.0 sites you’d want your content sent and syndicated to, so you can customize and predetermine which particular sites you want your content to appear in. In fact, it can also be set to automatically do the job for you by just ticking on a checkbox.

This one-click system works well especially if you have quite a number of campaigns running because the plugin saves your initial configuration. You can set it up one time, and send your content all over the internet with just a click of a button – literally.

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