The Best Spinner Review

What is The Best Spinner?

The Best Spinner or TBS is a software program that is use to spin articles.

Article spinning is the process by which a single article is spun and turned into a lot of unique variations by replacing the majority of the words in the article with synonyms. This method is a very effective way to distribute a lot of unique articles in the shortest time possible. However, there a many article spinning software that fail to do the job correctly as they use inappropriate words as well as wrong syntax and in general, just destroying an article that is perfectly written.

This is where The Best Spinner Software program comes in. The question is, does it deliver?

Similar to any article spinning software, TBS takes your written article and enables you to substitute with synonyms any word of your choice. You are able to do several articles stemming from one particular article by setting it up to layer down to four layers worth of synonyms. There are also a lot of things that it features such as copy/paste, open, save and many others.

However, unlike many article spinning programs, TBS keeps an updated thesaurus based system on what many other words internet marketer are using therefore you don’t only get regularly changing lists of words, you are provided with words that are generally worth money as well. These synonyms can be filtered based on how they fit the articles so ending up with a funky article is not a problem.

The Best Feature

The best feature of The Best Spinner which makes it stand head and shoulder over the competition is the user generated synonyms.

The Speed

Some article spinning programs are a bit slow. However, TBS is relatively fast at generating one article into multiple unique articles based on the parameter you used. The reason behind this is that you are in control; well at least some of it is controlled by you. The user controls the level of synonym placed in, the number of articles you want and on top of that, it uses a “favorite” feature in which when configured will replace word in your article with your favorite synonyms.

The Downside

Just like any article spinning software, The Best Spinner does crash sometimes. Luckily, the program autosaves so you will not lose all your work when this happens, just be prepared for its occasional crash and burn moments coz it happens.

In addition to that, although there is a trial version that’s worth $7.00, you will then have to pay a yearly membership fee in order for the service to continue.

So, Is The Best Spinner worth it?

Regarding the price, even with the annual membership fee, majority of serious internet marketers sees it as well worth every penny. A lot of them shell out quite a bit to pay for writers to work on articles and spinning saves a lot of time and money. TBS is full of features as well that are regularly updated and because the user has more control with the spinning, he is assured that the spun product will be interesting and readable, not rubbish.

In conclusion, if you need to do lots of article spinning, The Best Spinner is the way to do it. There is no other software out there that is better and getting control over what gets spun just means that you will get multiple articles that makes sense and thus will generate useful traffic to your website.

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