Amazing Features Of The Office Autopilot by Moonray

James Schramko, a well-know internet marketing specialist highlights the features of Office Autopilot by Moonray that he found to be very helpful in managing a business. One of the capabilities is that the contact database can be found in just one location. Usually, if you have a lot of businesses, you will also have a lot of email lists which may be hard to manage as time goes by and the list keeps on growing. This tool will not only allow you to create groups to partition your lists, you can also store contact information and history of communication.

It also has email sequences and triggers that will send an automated email to your customers depending on the type of subscription that they have. One of the most critical parts of managing your business is the payment processing system. You would prefer to have a tool that can certainly automate your invoices, order forms, offer shipping options and so much more.

Lastly, having a system to help you create an affiliate program and monitor it can unburden you from the headaches of cross checking affiliate details. Check the full review and you will be amazed at how powerful the tool can be.

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