WP Syndicator – Getting the Most Out of It

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As we know, WordPress syndicator or WP syndicator is a plugin most Internet Marketers use to quickly syndicate articles throughout a number of social bookmarking platforms to help in boosting their campaign’s search engine results rankings.  The plugin has caught a lot of attention because it is really effective, when it comes to setting up much needed backlinks to attract more traffic. But how can one really get the most out of WP syndicator?

A quick tip for prospective users of this program: take the time to properly set up and configure how you want the syndication done. This application is very user-friendly, so the setup and installation process should be easy. Setting up accounts for all the social bookmarking sites WP syndicator taps could be a bit time-consuming, but the ease with which you can syndicate your articles after that should be well worth the time you put into it.

Another thing one needs to be aware of is that the plugin is not just meant for autoblogging—although it is quite effective in that area—but also allows for strategic syndication. There is a checkbox option to “auto-syndicate,” but one might need to tailor the syndication process towards a more targeted traffic.

The plugin allows for just that. You get to send and syndicate your content to specific sites, so you might want to uncheck the other social bookmarking sites in the WP syndicator list if you think including them would not really yield conversions for that particular content/blog you’re sending out.

Although the general rule is to give your content a wider reach and include all platforms you can think of, you may still want to check for one important factor – relevance. Will the platform you’re syndicating to be effective in terms of getting you targeted traffic? More importantly, is your content relevant?

The plugin allows you to specify anchor texts for your content, and you can use this to your advantage. You get control over what to put in there, on what keywords and keyword searches you want your content to come up, etc ., so get creative!

The author of WP syndicator Andy Fletcher periodically updates the program, so be sure to keep your version up to date. As of today, the plugin has had several updates to get it more efficient in doing the syndication tasks for you, and clearly; you don’t want to miss out on any of the enhancements. The internet marketing business is all about getting things done at the right time – and keeping abreast with what’s happening, is the one way you can do that.

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