WP Engine Welcomes WP Smush.it Back To Its “Allowed” Plug-ins List

When WP Engine disallowed WP Smush.it from the list of plug-ins WordPress users could add to their sites, it had every right to do so. Smush.it was creating a lot of trouble for both users and WP Engine – it was slowing the site down and unintentionally creating security vulnerabilities. But recently Smush.it was able to make a comeback in the “allowed” plug-ins list of WP Engine.


This Yahoo plug-in has finally worked its issues out, thanks to the expertise of WPMU Dev. It turns out that there were easy solutions to the initial problems with the plug-in and all WPMU Dev did was correct these specific issues so the plug-in could reach the stringent standards of WP Engine. Despite its previous flaws, though, there was no denying that Smush.it was quite useful and effective in compressing images to be used for the sites and reducing their sizes without affecting the visual quality of images. Also, it did a fair job of decreasing the amount of bandwidth a site used when serving pages.


However, it was like a good kid that often made wrong decisions – the plug-in had the bad habit of bringing servers down whenever it failed to connect with its API. Likewise, it also kept on trying to re-Smush already compressed images, and send images that exceeded the Smush limit of 1 MB to Yahoo, causing redundant efforts for WP Engine.


After being disallowed, experts came in to fix and improve the plug-in. The outcome? The latest version of Smush.it boasts of more intelligent API handling and timeouts. Plus, it now handles the lossless compression in a far more ecological manner. So, no more of those superfluous attempts to re-Smush already compressed images, or sending files that go beyond the Smush limit up to Yahoo. And when the plug-in detects a timeout, it does not attempt to “smush” images again for 6 hours, which basically means that the server’s performance is no longer affected by API timeouts.


With these successful improvements, it was a logical decision for WP Engine to welcome Smush.it back into the list of plug-ins WordPress users can install. It’s just as useful as it was originally intended to be, but more efficient now that it has been modified.


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