WordPress Outs Recommendations For Email Hosting

If you are just starting your own business venture, one of the most important tools you need is a professional email. Why?


Sure, you can still use your own personal email to contact clients and sell your products and services to them. However, a dedicated email address adds a touch of professionalism. It also allows you to better promote your business. Apart from that, a professional email address lends credibility to your venture. If you opt for a personal-sounding email address, you might give the impression to prospective customers that you have a fly-by-night venture.


If your business’s website uses WordPress, you might be curious as to why it does not offer email as part of its hosting package. The answer is that WordPress wants to focus its resources solely on hosting websites. Now, if you are wondering how to make use of your domain name for your email, WordPress has two recommendations: Google Apps and Zoho Email Service.


Google Apps is a suite of useful tools that is popular among businesses of varying sizes. Just how popular? Google Apps boasts of 5 million businesses as its users. At the core of this suite is Gmail which offers up to 30 gigabytes of online storage, Google-powered search, and top-notch offline support. Other worthwhile tools available along with Gmail are Google Drive, Calendar and GDocs.


Currently, Google offers two plans for business: Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Business with Vault. Priced at $5 per user per month, the former offers businesses a custom email address for their domain along with 30 GB of email and drive storage, video chat, calendar, document editing and business control and security. The latter offers basically the same package along with a few upgrades including archiving of received emails, data retention policies, placing and enforcing legal holds, an audit log for actions and activity, and the ability to restore messages that have been deleted.


If you are looking for a price-friendlier alternative to Google Apps, consider Zoho. Along with its fast and feature-packed Webmail, Zoho offers Online Office which allows your team to create, edit and collaborate on texts, spreadsheets and slides. Additionally, Zoho offers users a high level of privacy and security. All plans are free from ads. Finally, its setup wizard allows you to manage your email policies, quotas and groups.


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