Why The Swedes Would Love Backup Buddy 3.3

The whole idea of creating backups for your website, a few years ago, was to copy all the content and parts of your site and store all of it in your computer. But because of the hours and effort it would take to get this done, developers from Backup Buddy have decided to make all our lives a lot easier. This quick evolution has changed the way we all keep our WordPress sites safe and secure now. Here are also some features that we have found helpful.


Started an Unwanted Backup?
Is there such thing as an unwanted backup? Well, for some of us who accidentally clicked on the button and had included parts that we don’t need, maybe out of impulse or a sudden muscular contraction of the index finger, we no longer have to wait for the entire process to finish or risk creating broken backups just because we refreshed the page. The Cancel Button allows us to cancel the backup task without having to wait.


Identify Conflicts Between Plugins
Plugins are designed by different independent developers and unwanted conflicts between them, once installed and activated to work at the same time within your WordPress site, may lead to one or both not working properly or not working at all. With BB 3.3, you can easily spot conflicts between specific plugins and fix it.


Pinpoint Broken Backups
When you’re prepping your site to make sure that everything’s been backed up, the last thing you’ll want is a broken backup. This doesn’t happen all the time but having one can be a real pain in the @#$. Once you start migrating or restoring your site, you would want everything to run smoothly. However, there may be broken backups that need to be fixed. With BB 3.3, you can avoid storing broken backups as it allows you to quickly spot them and start a whole new one.


Why the Swedes would Love it
It also comes with Swedish translation! Plus, a bonus once you decide to buy Backup Buddy here.

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