Why Is Professional Movie Making Software ScreenFlow The Best For Recording?

It’s hard to find somebody these days who’s not interested in recording videos and posting them on media-sharing sites like Instagram, YouTube and DailyMotion. In a way, it’s great for people to freely share “themselves” online. But sometimes, as viewers, don’t you wish they would put more effort in making their videos more “professional?” It’s not really so much about the content, but rather, how content is presented.


Thankfully, more and more people are utilizing different video editing programs out there, and the great advantage with these programs is that they’re mostly user-friendly, that even beginners can turn their footages into something high-quality. On top of that, they come with comprehensive guidelines and even tutorial videos so that, in less than two hours, a complete “video virgin” can get all the basics and even use a variety of advanced features.



ScreenFlow Hero is a good resource for getting started with professional video editing. This tutorial was even created by top TV director Jules Watkins. He shows you step by step how videos used in TV shows are edited and published using ScreenFlow – which is not only great for video editing, but it’s also considered the best video capture software.


Functional Features and Abilities of ScreenFlow
It boasts of custom multithreaded SSE, 64-bit enabled compression system which allows full-screen capture with low file sizes such as those taken using smart phones or tablet PCs. Likewise, it can capture HD video and audio, Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, and fast-moving video games. And of course, ScreenFlow’s efficient algorithm enables high fidelity screen recording for retina displays while keeping file sizes low; therefore, retina displays are surely no issue.


The software also offers the flexibility to record everything so users can decide which parts of the capture video file can be edited out. Worth mentioning as well is how simultaneously recording from iSight or DV camera, and the choice gadget’s mic and audio, are also allowed.


The recording timer is also a cool feature because users can set the duration of time (in minutes and seconds) they want ScreenFlow to record a media program, such as a webinar. When the time period has elapsed, the software will halt recording and then automatically launch the editor window.



Lastly, the recording feature makes it easy to pause and then resume with the recording process and the screencast will still appear as a single clip on the timeline.


Special for Mac Users
This professional movie making software provides an advantage for Mac users as it uses the prime Mac OS X technologies optimally. Included are Core Animation, QuickLook, Spotlight, QTKit, Quartz Composer, OpenGL, Core Image & Audio, Automator, and others.


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