Which Is Better Between OfficeAutopilot And AWeber?

Staying in contact with customers is one of the most effective methods for online marketing.  One-way or two-way communication can accomplish so much in turning potential customers into actual ones. Mainly because of this, it’s crucial to have the right automated email marketing tools; with the perfect match of a program for your business’s online marketing activities, you can accomplish more by doing less.


Currently, the frontrunners when it comes to automated programs for online marketing are OfficeAutopilot and AWeber. These two have evolved greatly over time and display tremendous flexibility in catering to the increasing requirements of Web-based enterprises these days. But which of them is better? There’s only one way to find out and that is to compare both programs’ functionalities and features.

AWeber’s email marketing program allows you to do the following:



·         Create and send professional marketing newsletters


·         Build email lists using attractive sign-up forms


·         Choose from over 150 easy-to-use HTML email templates


·         Import custom email templates designed for the user or by the user outside of AWeber


·         Manage the information sent to or collected from specific segments of email subscribers


·         Configure an autoresponder function that automatically sends emails


·         Track the performance of every sent email


·         Create emails from your latest blog posts


·         Integrate third party applications


·         Include GIFs, JPG, and PNG image files to email for a more visually attractive and effective email marketing


·         Drag and drop files you wish to include to or remove from your template instead of going through the menu and copy-pasting HTMLs

As for the OfficeAutopilot email marketing software, it enables you to:



·         Target the right contacts for specific offers using precise list segmentation


·         Organize email automation for unlimited follow-up sequences


·         Choose between HTML and text versions for customers’ maximum readability


·         Send emails “from” own domain instead of a suspicious-looking address


·         Track whether emails are successfully delivered, opened, clicked, or unopened


·         Automatically clean bounces and unsubscribe requests from your lists


·   Allow customers to use a customizable preferences center so they can choose which communications to receive


·         Create a SmartForm


·         Integrate OAP to WordPress


·   Take advantage of Concierge Services for maintenance, custom building, training, and migrations. This isn’t for free but it’s certainly a worthy investment that will relieve users of certain responsibilities and that will have the experts doing them


So which is better?  The answer is easy – it’s the one that effectively meets the needs of your business. Both provisions boast a wealth of functionalities and have their particular strengths.  They can accomplish a lot of tasks for your business but since every business has its own specific needs, how these are met should determine which of these two is better for you. To make your decision a lot easier, get AWeber or OfficeAutopilot right now and test them yourself.

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