What’s The Best Video Capture Software Today

Movie magic happens in a dark room, with one person staring into flickering screens, tapping a bunch of keys, and controlling some high-end video editor. All the scenes that seemed so random at first suddenly come together in a cohesive, engaging, and remarkable way. After a while, a masterpiece unfolds.


Of course, not all edited videos have to come out so dramatically. Sometimes, all you need to edit is a simple presentation video, a music video, or a clip meant for YouTube audiences. When these are the types of videos you need to cut and sequence, then you don’t need some pricey, complicated video editing suite that Hollywood moviemakers use, but rather the best video capture software — which, for today’s screencasting experts, happens to be ScreenFlow.


ScreenFlow is a screencasting and video editing software for the Mac OS X system. It supports Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion — and the finished work may be shared on your website, blog, or any video sharing platform. You can create multi-layered tracks to manage video and audio clips as well as images and texts. You can add pan and zoom effects, when needed. You can even use the Chroma Key filter, wherein you change your green background for a desired backdrop, like Paris in springtime or a conference at the prestigious TED. And ScreenFlow also supports more than 15 sophisticated 2D and 3D video transition effects, allowing your screencasts or videos to look professional and refined.


If you’re new to video editing, don’t worry. ScreenFlow Hero offers an exceptional approach to tutorials, and in under an hour, you may be able to learn the essential tools in the video software. The tutorial provides a step-by-step process so it’s completely ideal for greenhorns.


You can find out how to create an effective marketing video. You’ll learn about the editing process of professionals so you can apply some, if not all, for your own process to speed up your work. You’ll know how to best use the many effects in ScreenFlow. And here’s probably the best part about ScreenFlow Hero: It’s made by a former MTV and BBC TV director. What’s a better way to pick up a technical skill and learn to use software than from an experienced technical and creative expert who has used and mastered every professional movie making software?


In this day and age of DIYs and super smart digital devices, there is probably nothing you can’t learn. But when you need to come up with amazing videos with crisp audio and cool effects, you need to use clever editing software like ScreenFlow and you need to master its features through ScreenFlow Hero.


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