What Makes The “Perfect Squeeze Page” Effective — A Look At LeadPages’ Improved Layout

The Perfect Squeeze Page is the potential competitor to James Schramko’s webinars as the leading opt-in page in LeadPages. Made by Justin Brooke of IAmScalable.com, its design has been tested and optimized continuously to convert traffic into more sales and leads.

The template works fantastic, owing to its simple model and understanding of the psychology of its target market.
Web 3.0 look
The LeadPages team took a leaf out of Justin’s design and gave it a Web 3.0 look to further provide more style and flair, and easy customization.
The improved version incorporates all the elements of the Perfect Squeeze Page. The layout includes:
· A business logo to emphasize the brand
· Status indicators, which provide social proof (Fox, CNBC, CBS, etc.)
· An eye-catching headline that boasts of a big “reveal”
· The image of the product being marketed
· The first opt-in button, underneath the image
· A subhead, which supports the headline
· Bullets of intriguing information that is in line with the subhead
· A second opt-in button, which directs to another page
two-step opt in
The last element is a LeadPages modification and makes use of a two-step opt-in that is found to increase conversions by at least 30%. The business logo and status indicators sit beside each other, right on top of the squeeze page. This ensures your brand’s credibility and association to other popular companies.
The big reveal is the main thing that piques the curiosity of would-be customers. Nothing works better than putting in a hint of mystery to a marketing strategy. The fact that it will be given for free only marks up its value. The subhead and the bullets just make the squeeze page harder to resist.
Another add-on to the original design is a feature to collect multiple form feeds and add images through LeadBoxes. Everything in this perfect squeeze program is customizable and easy to do with just a click of a button. Publishing to platforms such as Facebook or WordPress is also integrated into the app, including options with the autoresponder and the email service provider for the opt-in form integration.
If you do not have skills in Web development, this would be a good investment as hiring a developer can cost somewhere north of $300.
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