What Is Ontraport OfficeAutopilot Capable Of?

2a-ontraportIt used to be just OfficeAutopilot, but the name also comes with neat new features that give users more comprehensive integration and automation abilities to manage their businesses.


Here’s what it does:
1. Automated Marketing – Create a hands-free marketing process that involves email messaging, task delivery, fulfillment lists and so much more.


2. Contact List – Add all your contacts to a single database, save records of all contact interaction, notes, referrals, purchase and browsing history. Everything is customizable!


3. Online payment processing – You get to set up your very own payment sequence complete from order forms for your products all the way to your membership subscriptions. It’s easy and very convenient.


4. Integrate it with WordPress – With just a click of a button, you can install and set up hosting for a new WordPress site. This integrates your membership site and gives you full control of subscriptions and smart forms for your automation.


5. Track sources – Monitor your traffic and income sources.


6. Quick sequence response – Based on your preferences, you could set responses which trigger a consecutive sequence through simple “if-then” questions and statements; one unique feature that’s simple and yet very powerful.


7. Create landing pages and set PURLs – Build effective landing pages and build a bigger list through PURLs.


8. Brilliant task management – This feature ensures that all tasks are accomplished and that none are left unnoticed by setting email alerts and even text messaging.


9. High quality customer service – In addition to free comprehensive training materials, you also get round-the-clock support through email and chat.


These powerful features are just a few of the currently available and constantly evolving components of Ontraport OfficeAutopilot. If you want to find out more about this tool, head on over to this link.

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