The Two Main Things To Do With BackupBuddy Backups

Once you’ve created backups for your site using BackupBuddy, the next step involves using ImportBuddy.


RestoreThe first is Restoring
After getting hacked or losing a huge chunk of your website to a crashed server, restoring is one of the most important and helpful, thank God, features of BackupBuddy. With restoration, you get to keep the same domain and the same MySql database. However, remember that your original site will be totally overwritten by the new one but still possess all the same things you had in that particular backup you’d be using to restore it.


The second is for Migration
When transferring your site to a new server, a different host or under a different domain or directory, everything is safely done through Backup Buddy. However, be sure to take note of all the necessary information like your new domain name or coming from your new host while you keep all the parts of your old site within the backup. If you plan to keep the original pristine website then you should choose the option to migrate.


Side Note
The ImportBuddy setup for both is almost completely similar. You will be using the importbuddy.php file and when uploading the backup, both files will be going to the exact same directory. No server requirements will be changed whether you choose to restore or migrate. Also, WordPress will automatically be installed during both processes.


If you plan to start migrating or restoring your WordPress site, then now is the best time to get the latest version of BackupBuddy.

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