The Story Behind LeadBoxes

LeadPages recently announced the launch of LeadBoxes which is seen as one of the major innovations to be developed and released into the market. With LeadBoxes, users can easily capture email addresses from the sidebar button from a link or from a blog post. When you post a guest blog entry, you can put a LeadBoxes code on your bio section to enable readers who have liked or agreed to your post to opt into your directory. One great thing about LeadBoxes is that users can install it just about anywhere a link can be posted.


LeadPages gained renown for making landing pages. Now, how did this new product come about?


One of the nifty features LeadPages gives to its users is the ability to sort through various templates through different filters, including conversions. In sorting through templates through conversions, users can easily see which available ones have a high conversion rate.


If you have given this a try, you will notice one common feature among the templates with the highest conversion rates – a two-step opt-in process. With a two-step opt-in page, website visitors can opt-in by clicking a call to action button even before they can view an actual opt-in form.


Due to the outstanding results of using a two-step opt-in process, and through the encouragement of LeadPages’ advisor Pat Flynn, the team decided to build on the success of their landing pages with the highest conversion rates — the end result of which is LeadBoxes.


LeadBoxes works with various blog platforms, including WordPress and HTML pages. It can also be used to capture email from GoToWebinar.


Creating a LeadBox is as easy as clicking on the My LeadBoxes section of the top menu and clicking on Create New LeadBox. You can then edit the font, size, border and button style, and background color, and then add some copy. Users can also use tracking codes from the analytics service of their choice.


LeadPages co-founder Clay Collins is confident about the success of this new product that he is boldly predicting that it will only take six months until LeadBoxes will have the same number of users as LeadPages.


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