The “Simple But Deadly” Sales Page Template From LeadPages Delivers Increased Conversions And Other Perks


This is what the new sales page template from LeadPages strives to avoid: complications. By opting for a simpler design, online businesses can actually present their marketing message more powerfully, retain consumers’ interest, and then lead them into action. The super simple template is ready for download for those who are interested, and it’s ideal for businesses that are already done with their pre-selling and want to make it easier and simpler for customers to purchase their offer. Likewise, it’s great for selling low-cost reports to an audience that already loves the free content the business provides, access to webinars, admission to meet-ups, and so much more.


Worth mentioning as well is the fact that it’s mobile responsive so the sales page will display on all types of Web-connecting devices. Customers can complete a transaction whenever and wherever they wish.


The process of customizing the template is a no-brainer; users can start by changing the headline and uploading a video if they want to. The buy button is placed right under the headline section so those who are ready to buy can easily do so. Underneath all that, there’s a section that can be used for links to pre-sale questions or FAQs. And below that, there’s a section that states all the benefits and everything that comes with the offer. Finally, at the bottom is another buy button for those who had to scroll down first to see all the components of the offer. All these can be accomplished just by clicking on the section and typing in the information befitting that section.


With LeadPages, integrating conversion features is a breeze – just click through the selection. For example, every opt-in page can be turned into a webinar registration page and businesses may opt to use it as their thank you page. Plus, when customers opt in here, it automatically adds them to the business’s Aweber and webinar list that they had just paid for. Doing all these works amazingly with the conversion goal page; closed sales made through the sales page can effectively be monitored so gauging how successful the sales page is becomes easier, too.


Just a couple more clicks and the process is complete. The page will automatically be published and can be shared through social media sites. Again, LeadPages has made things simpler and more effective.


Excited to try out this simple (but deadly) sales page template? Start HERE.

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