Steps To Integrate LeadPages With WordPress

Do you want to know how you can get more subscribers using this one-page lead generator? Now, you’re about to discover how it can help you get as much subscribers as possible on your landing pages with your very own WordPress site.


LeadBrite developed this landing page software called the LeadPages.  It lets you integrate with WordPress in just three easy steps.  You no longer have to worry about having to go through a complicated process because the process it has is simple that you can even assist your friends with this.

The Three Easy Steps

Create Your Landing Page – To start off, you will need to create your landing page.  LeadPages has various templates that you can use for any of the following: a sales page, squeeze page, upsell page and many more.  Of course you would need to customize that template once you’ve chosen one.  You can customize it from the right background image up to coming up with the right, catchy headline. The length of time it takes to come up with a landing page? Just a few minutes.  And that even includes the time spent saving the file!


Linking Landing Page to WordPress – When you’re done saving the file and labeling it, log in to LeadPages.  Of course, in order to log in, you need to have an account.


When you log in, you will be directed to the WordPress plugin page where you will simply need to “Add New” button.  That will then take you to another page.  On that page, you need to fill out the information needed such as the title of the landing page (where you want it to be published).  Next, it’ll show you the URL for your website.  This is where you have to add the title or name of your landing page. Then you have to click through a drop down menu where you can choose the saved file for your particular landing page. By doing this, it will link your landing page to WordPress.


Publish Button – Lastly, click on the Publish button. You will see a two-minute video demo provided by LeadBrite.  It will show you how quickly the landing page loads on the screen.  This is an advantage for customers who demand fast webpage load.

Why do you need landing pages?

Because it becomes easier for you to attract the interest of your customers!  Your products and services will be exposed in no time.


If you want to know more information about LeadPages, head on over to this site.

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