Send Emails For Event Details And Lead Magnets Quicker Through This New LeadPages Feature

Are you regularly hosting Google+ Hangouts, webinars and teleseminars? If your answer is “yes” and you want to capitalize on the timeless saying “time is money,” this new LeadPages feature will help you do so.


It is a well-known fact that if you make your webinars and other online events easier for people to attend, more people will show up.


And with this in mind, LeadPages has now made it quicker and easier for you to tell your attendees when your next Google+ Hangouts, webinars and teleseminars will take place. With this new feature, sending emails such as event details and even lead magnets to all interested attendees and other people will certainly mean reduced work on your part and tasks that will be less time-consuming.


This feature only takes seconds to set up inside LeadPages and it can seriously boost and triple attendance to all your online events from now on.


To set up this feature on your LeadPages account when using a Google+ Hangout,, WebEx, or other platform for your online event where people do not need to log into system and register:

1. On the page that you are using, turn ON Send email after opt-in.
2. Select Send a customized email after opt-in. On the email box, enter all of the email information and the email copy that contains all of the details for the people to join the Hangout.
3. Once done, click Save.


When people opt-in to this page, they will get an email from LeadPages with their sign-in instructions.


With this feature set up directly in LeadPages, you can send any email, sign-in instructions and any information you need to distribute to a house, generic list or something where you put all of your leads who signed up for any webinar you have ever done without always creating a new or different list, form or template.


In addition to increasing webinar attendance, this new feature is also perfect for:

– Fast delivery of free content to your prospects.
– Easy creation of your list for different lead magnets.
– Setting up follow-up emails in seconds.


You can watch the other benefits this new feature can do for you and your business in our latest video. And if you are not yet a LeadPages customer and want to be one now, visit this site.

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