Run Split Tests Using LeadPages With No Additional Fees

Hey, Jeff Weinberg from Leadpages here. We really wanted to do something huge and we wanted to bring something new and powerful to LeadPages. Something that people have been asking for for forever that would have a huge impact and we’re super happy to unveil for the first time ever LeadPages’ built-in split testing. We’ve added the most simple split testing experience we’ve ever seen before.


Over the course of our videos, we’ve told you about a lot of different people that have had amazing results with their lead pages. They got those results out of the box with our pages because we do internal split testing on our end to make sure that our landing pages are the highest converting land pages out there. In fact, If you’d like to see which pages are currently converting the best, you can easily sort the pages by opt-in rate to find up-to-date ranking of our landing pages by conversion rate. LeadPages pages are all designed based on extensive internal split testing that we do. Now, we want to give the ability to run split tests to you.


Split testing has always been a necessity but a pain to set up. Typically, you’d have to find some external split testing software to use, create your pages set up the software for all your pages, install a tracking code on each page you want to split test, plus other possible steps depending on the split testing service you’re using. It can be a total nightmare to set up.


Instead of having one tool to create landing pages and a separate tool for split testing and having different logins for both, what’s different about LeadPages is… (keep watching to find out more).


If you purchase later than August 31st, you’ll need to pay an additional fee for the split testing. However, those who buy before the said date will be exempted and carried over to the free split testing for as long as they maintain their accounts.


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