Reasons For Updating Your Genesis Today

Did you know that your website’s security is undermined by devious individuals who have nothing better to do but steal valuable information of other people? They are called Hackers. And in order to fend them off, you simply need to update your installation, plug-ins and your theme. In case you’re using Genesis Framework, you need to remember to update it to the new version. The recent Genesis 2.0 version follows the scheduled upgrade of WordPress to its latest version as well, the 3.6 version.

The New Genesis 2.0

On top of its new look, it also outputs HTML5 markup that replaces XHTML tags. This is actually expected since the future theme updates will be using HTML5.


As for the use of microdata, Genesis 2.0 is currently able to yield markups by using microdata. Studiopress has arranged the latest version of this theme to easily allow search engines to access the microdata that they’re searching for.


This new update has also removed the “eNews and Updates”, the “Latest Tweets”, as well as the “Post Templates” widgets and the “Fancy Dropdown” settings.

The “Fear”

In spite of the advantages of the newer theme version, many businesses and some website administrators are unsure about updating their Genesis theme. They would still prefer to use the previous version of HTML because they fear that if they do such change, it will stop or hamper their virtual operations and possibly prevent a few features from functioning properly. Another reason for staying at the fence is the need to change their CSS or cascading style sheets.

The Answer To The Fear

Here are the answers to these ‘Fears’. The one who upgrades to Genesis 2.0 can enjoy its features without having the need to enable HTML5. This is also true with the CSS. There is no need to change the CSS since the theme works well with the previous CSS version as well. However there is still a need to update selectors.


Not all websites support the HTML5, but the language will be the framework for the new websites that are to be built soon.


It offers a lot of features that would benefit website owners in their SEO campaigns as well as mobile support. So, whether they choose to enable HTML5 or not, they still need to back up all their content and secure them. That is the wisest solution one can do in order to avoid unnecessary extra work hours.


Enjoy the great features of Genesis 2.0 by upgrading now.

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