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Article spinning has long been used by internet marketers and business owners with the aim of getting a site rank high in Google. High rank could result to more visitors. More visitors could mean more traffic. More traffic could result to increased conversions. More conversions could result to more income. This is how the process works.

Getting that high rank in Google is the result of hardwork and smart techniques to get your content out there so that you can increase backlinks. If Google notices an increase in traffic, it will see that the site is something that produces relevant information for people.

Because writing unique articles takes time, internet marketers and website owners will use a software that we can call article spinner. It works by taking a single article from where it produces a number of articles that are unique versions of that one article.

Website owners and internet marketers employ writers that produce original or re-written articles. The writers get paid by the article. The price per article differs, some are worth one dollar while others cost about five dollars a piece. Business owners employ writers from all over the world to produce articles for them.

Once the articles are written, they are spun using the article spinner to produce several more unique articles which are then submitted to different article directories or article submission websites. These sites can help you get the backlinks that you are after so that you can get visitors to your site.

Finding a good quality spinner can be a challenge because some spinners just replace specific words in an article without much consideration of the meaning of the sentence. This can be disastrous because the changed words takes the sentence’s meaning. It could actually change the whole meaning of the sentence.

When readers come across such sentences, they will know that the article has been spun and that this is not a unique article. Readers do not like to read articles that have no sense. They value their time and if they quickly find out that the article is a bad one, they will move on. Another visitor lost. You do not want to lose your readers.

Quality spinners like The Best Spinner don’t just change a single word but the whole sentence, with the meaning still intact. This ensures sensibility and the continuity of the article.

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