Presenting: The New Webinar Registration Thank You Page To Help Increase Webinar Attendance

If you have ever hosted a webinar or a Google Hangout before, then you know that not all of those who signed up actually attended the webinar or event.


Consider yourself lucky if you managed to get at least 20 percent of your registered attendees to show up for your event. That means that an astounding 80 percent of the people who sign up for your next webinar will never see it — a very alarming statistic indeed. This further means that 80 percent will not get to hear your offer and that this same amount of people won’t become your raving fans after seeing your webinar. Most importantly, it signifies that 80 percent of your registered attendees would not turn into potential buying customers.


And this is something that Webinar organizers should never take lightly — and it is something they ought to seriously look into.


LeadPages introduces the perfect solution to boost Webinar attendance and help you get more attendees to actually show up for your next webinar: the carefully engineered Webinar Thank You page inside of LeadPages.


This one Thank You page covers four different mechanisms to inspire attendees to show up for your online events, and these mechanisms are outlined below:


1.      Produce a good video that goes on your thank you page to strengthen their decision to sign up and to encourage them to attend the Webinar. The video should also highlight the benefits they stand to gain by attending the Webinar.

2.      Encourage the attendees to print out the Webinar confirmation page that states all the details and to post this on a place that they usually frequent or look at, such as on the refrigerator.

3.      Have people immediately add the Webinar date to their Google calendar, iPhone calendar, and other electronic devices that they use for their reminders.

4.      Create and give away a free worksheet for your Webinar to enhance curiosity and serious interest into attendees.


All these mechanisms are now integrated on LeadPages’ Webinar Thank You page through the following new elements or features:
–          Video
–          The one-click add to calendar buttons
–          The webinar worksheet sections
The above are proven elements that can boost attendance for any webinar.


And the final, vital question is: Are you already using all these elements to boost attendance for your webinars? If not, find out more about this by clicking here.

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