PC Tool Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

1st Tip: Scan and Remove Malicious Software From Your PC

Download, install and run ClamWin on your computer if you don’t already have and use an anti virus software on your computer. It is actually a free Anti Virus Remover for the Windows operating system. It is also recommended that you do the same with Spybot-Search & Destroy, it is a Free Spyware Remover software for your PC that will definitely help you get rod of any spyware on your PC’s operating system. Both of these PC tools will make getting rid of all the harmful things from your PC very easy.

2nd Tip: Regularly Install Software Patch Updates

Software updates are regularly provided by the makers of these software to patch security holes and other glitches in their software. Always make sure that you have all the latest and up-to-date software patches installed in your computer from the manufacturers website.

3rd Tip: Always Back-up Important Files, Folders, and Applications

Make sure you back-up all your important files, folders and applications from your computer, just before you go on ahead and follow each of the PC Tool tips listed here. You should find out how much free space you got left in your hard disk drive. You need to take note of this so that you can compare the free space of your hard disk drive after it has been rid of all the unnecessary and unwanted files, folders and applications.

4th Tip: Analyze and Delete Old E-mails, Files and Folders

To analyze the old files, e-mails and folders in your PC, you need to view the list of all your computer hard drives, folders and files. To do this, look for the “Start” button at the lower left of your screen, right click on it and select “Explore”. Identify the files and folders on your computer that can be archived off your computer by analyzing them, and archive them. Also, identify the files and folders that you can delete permanently and make use of the “Delete” key to throw them into the “Recycle Bin”. After you have finished analyzing all the files and folders, double-click on the “Recycle Bin” icon and select the sub-menu “Select All” under the “Edit” menu to basically select all the items that you want to be deleted. To permanently delete all the contents of the “Recycle Bin”, press the “Delete” key. Analyze, review and delete also any e-mails that you have already read or archived them off of your computer.

5th Tip: Get Rid Of All Old Operating System Temporary Files

Windows stores temporary files that are created by applications in the “Temp” directory. Over time, if it isn’t regularly cleaned out, this directory can be filled up with an enormous amount of temporary files. Over a few weeks, most temporary files will not be of use again to you or your system and it is possible to delete them from the “Temp” directory. To do just that, on your desktop,  double click on the “My Computer” icon. This will show your PC’s hard drive, normally named “Local Disk (C:)”. Double click on the icon “Local Disk (C:)” and then double click also on the directory named “Windows”. Look for the directory named “Temp” then double click on it. After that, select the “Details” sub-menu right under the “View” tab to see the details for each file. Click on the “Type” tab to sort the file types and delete each file that has a TMP extension on it’s filename that is older than a few weeks.

Furthermore, any PC tool will fill your hard disk drives and registry with junk files and redundant entries. The more clutter you have in those drives, the longer it takes for your system to defragment drives, do file indexing, virus scans, check for malware and more.

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