Optimizing Your Web Business With The IMScalable Template

Attract. Engage. Sell. It’s the webpreneur’s mantra. When you’ve achieved all three and done so consistently, you’ll be able to reap the (lucrative) rewards of having an online business. Here’s the million-dollar question though: How do you attract, engage, and sell — for as little investment as possible?


For many successful Web startups and small organizations, that has been possible by using high converting marketing pages — from landing pages to membership portals — created by OptimizePress. Offering multiple marketing pages you can use without any technical experience and no coding necessary, OptimizePress has helped many marketing professionals and webrepreneurs be at par with industry leading sites. Today, OptimizePress announces yet another groundbreaking addition to its successful platform and it is called IMScalable.


The IMScalable template, which is an opt-in template, has been split-tested by optimization and traffic whiz Justin Brooke who shares that it has been his highest converting landing page.


Here’s how to download and use the IMScalable Template:

· Log in to your OptimizePress members area. Then scroll down to the Your Download section where you will see Extra Downloads, which contains additional downloadable content. Click this section, and you’ll be taken to the IMScalable page.


· Right click the highlighted portion, Click here to Download This Template. Choose Save Link As or Save Target.


· Save the template to whichever location you desire (e.g., desktop, documents, etc.).


· Once saved, go to your OptimizePress website. Go to the OptimizePress section and choose Page Builder from the drop down menu.


· On the PageBuilder, fill in the title for your new page and scroll down to select Use Content Page. Then click Upload Content Template. Click Choose File, and you’re going to then choose the IMScalable Template you downloaded earlier. Click Open, and Install Now.



· A prompt will appear saying the Content Template has been installed successfully. Scroll down the page and find the IMScalable Template under the Opt-in Pages. Choose the IMScalable Template and scroll further down to click Proceed to Step 2. You will then be taken to the LiveEditor page.


· On the LiveEditor page, you can alter the elements according to your requirements. These include: putting your own logo; adding credibility badges (i.e., “rated highly by so and so business news agency” or “ranked by international ranking agency”), which should enhance the authority of your opt-in page; the headline text, which according to Justin converts best when it says, “Free report reveals …” and the body text, which features bulleted points to make it easier for your target market to see the benefits of what you’re offering (e.g., free infographic, e-books, etc.), in return for their subscription.


You can also change the Download Now image to fit your brand but Justin has discovered that the Free PDF image has worked remarkably well with conversion.


· Once you’re done modifying the page, click on the Opt-in form to integrate with your autoresponder and the Opt-in Box will appear so you can make the necessary changes, including the Custom Button.


· Then set the page to Publish.

· Click Save and Close.


To see your handiwork with the new IMScalable template, go to Pages, and click on All Pages to view your new, high converting opt-in page.


Attract. Engage. Sell. And see how well the new OptimizePress template works in improving conversion rates for your online business today by clicking here.

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