OptimizePress Review – Why is there a Need for Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Etc.?

Create Stunning Sales Pages!


Before discussing what OptimizePress is, it is of the essence that these questions be answered.

Distractions are everywhere and the internet is not an exemption. Fortunately, internet marketers have quickly come to realize that if they want their website visitors to specifically do what they (the internet marketers) want them to do like buying a product or submitting their email addresses; it is vital that distractions must be minimized.

A squeeze page is a shortened term for namesqueezepage. Its purpose is to “squeeze” the web visitor’s names and email addresses so these could be added to the email list. It is set up to enable the internet marketer to give direct instructions on what he is trying to get his visitor do. All the information that a website visitor needs to make a decision can be found in a squeeze page. This is being done through building a great case on how doing that particular type of action can help them find a solution to their problem.

So what does OptimizePress have to do with it?

A WordPress theme, OptimizePress provides its user the capacity to generate with ease an unlimited amount of Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Launch Pages, and One Time Offer Pages as well as Membership sites without worrying about the design. With the power of WordPress that is being used, designing these pages is perfectly smooth.

Installing OptimizePress gives your WordPress dashboard a lot of features that allow you to easily do the following:

  • Create headlines
  • Create eye-catching opt-in boxes
  • Create “Add to cart” buttons
  • Add Deferred Call to action buttons, which will only appear after an indicated amount of time.
  • Add videos to the pages you created
  • Add testimonials
  • And a whole lot more….

For short, even if you have no idea how to do the things that are mentioned above, it is still possible with the help of OptimizePress! It is packed with Great features that will make it really easy for one to make with results that are very professional looking.

A lot of choices can be taken when it comes to generating squeeze pages, sales pages, membership sites and the likes.

  1. You can employ the services of a professional designer to do it all for you, but you will end up spending a lot of money
  2. Get some of the amazing software that is available out there, which do stuff like OptimizePress does – you will still end up spending a great deal of money paying for a substantial amount in monthly fees.
  3. Get OptimizePress! It does the many things that are needed to be done with a one-time price tag that is reasonably lowin and the best part is, you can use OptimizePress on as many sites as you want without having to pay extra.

The Downside

With all these benefits and advantages, one would think that surely there is a downside to this product. And you are right! OptimizePress is in no way perfect. One of the most significant downsides is even though it is really good at setting up the design and layout of your membership site, in reality; it is not a membership script.

Simply put, it doesn’t handle registration nor does it protect content for the various types of membership or distribute the content for you. For these things to work, a separate membership site script needs to be installed. However, there are membership sites that integrate well with OptimizePress.

So Who Should Use OptimizePress?

If you need smashing Sales Pages, killer Squeeze Pages, designs for your Membership Site and a whole lot more, plus you love using WordPress, then you will definitely adore OptimizePress. You don’t have to learn a bunch of complicated stuff and on top of that, its platform is a software that we are all familiar and comfortable with –WordPress.

It will not only lessen your set–up cost considerably; it will also be optimized to convert. This one is highly recommended!

Create Stunning Sales Pages!

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