OfficeAutopilot Fuses With SendPepper

1a-ontraportAutomating your entire business process has now become a lot easier; thanks to OfficeAutopilot. This all-in-one platform is so efficient that, if used correctly, it can help pay for itself within just a few months of implementation and help you adapt as you build up your business capacity.


Having a program that can offer complete business process automation became a reality only in 2006, when CEO and founder Landon Ray, Principal System Architect Steven Schneider and CTO Pin Chen. In 2007, its first version was released and more innovations came after that. From sending email replies to a complete response-based sequence that triggers multiple actions all on its own, OfficeAutopilot has revolutionized the whole concept of business automation.


Just after a few years from the first version’s release, WordPress integration and payment processing modules were added.


In 2011, Ontraport’s marketing platform, SendPepper, fused with OfficeAutopilot to give a wider and more comprehensive list of features to both company’s clients and potential customers. This update enables users to access both their accounts and use it to innovate other services and applications. Because of this, OfficeAutopilot is now known as Ontraport OfficeAutopilot.


If you’re interested in learning more about this unique tool, check out our review page here.

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