Office Autopilot: Subscribe Contacts To A Sequence

There are a few different ways you can subscribe contacts to a sequence. This tutorial, however, will focus on the manual process of doing it.


Subscribing a Single Contact

First, go to the contacts screen. To add a single contact to a sequence, click on the contact, and then scroll down to the section called Sequences and Tags. Click on the field called “Sequences,” and then click on the green plus sign; this will open up a list of sequences that you have created thus far. Click the one (or ones – you may click more than one) you want the contact to be subscribed to. Take note that you can also unsubscribe contacts in this way. After this, click “Accept,” and then “Save.” You’ve just subscribed a contact to a sequence.



Subscribing an Entire Group

To manually add multiple contacts to a sequence at one time, simply select the group you’d like to subscribe to the sequence. If you want every single contact in that group to be added with “All in Group” selected, click “More Actions” and then “Subscribe/Unsubscribe Sequence.” The rest of the process is just the same as that of subscribing a single contact.


Subscribing Selected Contacts in a Group

If you just want to subscribe to a sequence certain contacts in a group, then just check the box next to their names. At the bottom, choose “With Selected,” and then click “Subscribe/Unsubscribe Sequence.”

To verify the recent addition, go to the new subscribers’ contact record, scroll down to “Sequences and Tags” and see if they are in the list.

Now you know how to manually subscribe single contacts and groups of contacts to a sequence. There is so much more that you can do with Office Autopilot. Click here to start using Office autopilot

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