New OfficeAutopilot Membership Plugin Update – Will It Be Good News Or Bad?

What is the new update all about?


OAP and OP together!

OfficeAutopilot now works with OptimizePress. The membership plugin now works together with pages from OptimizePress. They are customizable according to OfficeAutopilot. However, the merging of the two has some problems. Since OP uses redirects for its membership and funnel options, there may be conflicts because rules within PilotPress, which is a plugin in WordPress that supports OAP.


New video integration feature

You may now add videos in different formats from Vimeo and YouTube. This eliminates the need to pull videos from your OfficeAutopilot Video Manager and keep ones that are already in Vimeo, and YouTube https formats.


Add shortcodes with the toolbar

In the page or lesson editor tool bar, you can now hide or show lessons and content with new buttons added.


These new updates are just a few of the features that are present in OAP’s membership plugin that allow sending out and organizing lessons to your members a lot easier. Despite the minor conflict mentioned above, all other added features offer you more benefits. Expect more innovations coming your way. If you’re interested, check out the plugin here and test it today.

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