Market Samurai Helps You Create Blog Comment Backlinks

Have you been following the recommended on-page optimization techniques but the results you want are still not showing up?  Perhaps you need to boost your strategy by simply enhancing your link network.  You can do this with the tools offered by Market Samurai.


It has always been advised by SEO experts that website owners should make their pages fully-equipped with search engine elements such as quality content, attractive and interesting images, compelling videos, content with catchy and relevant titles, tags and meta description. But to be able to get that higher search engine page rank, you still need to work with effective link network development program.


By using the Promotion Module that Market Samurai has, you can maximize them by looking for opportunities to create legit, beneficial and valuable links that would point back to your site.

How To Create Comment Backlinks

In order create backlinks for your comments, you need to do these things:


    1. Start by typing your comment in the provided field.
    2. Enter your name.  You may add a title and a keyword as long as it’s appropriate.
    3. Type in your e-mail address.
    4. Type in your site’s URL.
    5. Click ‘Post’ or ‘Submit’ button to post your comment.


Readers who like your blog comment or find it interesting, useful and intriguing will most likely click on your link, which consequentially boosts your website traffic.


Now, if you want to create legit backlinks using the Promotion Module of Market Samurai, you may follow these steps:


    1. Look for the “Promotion” icon and click on it.
    2. Look for blogs that are relevant to your keyphrase or keyword.  Below the “Blogs” column, check the boxes for database that you want searched like WordPress blog or Google blog with their gov or edu components. Also check Follow Blog as well as Backlink Magic or others that contain listings of websites that often follow links.
    3. When you see the “Find Backlinks” button, click on it. When you do that, Market Samurai will start searching for blog databases that will look for websites that are related to your keyword.
    4. Click “Analyze” button.  This will give you a better overview of a specific website whether it’s relevant to your content.  In this step, Market Samurai will provide you relevant information about that website.  It can also support your follow links as well as pingbacks, the page rank and the number of backlinks it has.
    5. When you click on the title of your blog, it will display the site in a new window.
    6. Find an article or a post that you feel you can contribute to. Leave your comment as well as contact information.
    7. Make sure your comment adds useful information about the topic. Keep in mind that you need to bring value to the website.  Don’t just comment so you can leave a link, but instead, attract the readers’ interest by creating an interesting and useful comment so they would want to know more.
    8. Click exit to close window.


Start getting Market Samurai so you can do relevant research, create good quality content and connect with reliable resources.

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