Leadplayer : The Best Amazon S3 Alternative

Aside from integrating images as well as blog posts in websites as a way to do internet marketing campaigns, many internet marketers have considered the use of videos for their campaigns. However, looking for a good plug-in that will enable you to use various features such as the use of opt-in forms and call to action buttons, clean and attractive video layout as well as production  of good quality videos can be difficult with the range of available video hosting services.


There are great video hosting services available online like Amazon s3, Smartyoutube, Interactive video plugin and many more which are premium video hosting services but investing in these plug-ins may be a bit expensive for some who prefer cheaper products. That being said, one of the most preferred and most popular plug-ins for video hosting services which many internet marketers use is Leadplayer.


 So, why do most online marketers prefer Leadplayer as an Amazon s3 alternative? Leadplayer enables you to post a video to your website without the “distructing elements” such as the icons that link to other related videos, other youtube pages, unwanted ads, et cetera. With Leadplayer, you can customize your embedded video to make it look sleek therefore eradicating useless and unwanted buttons so you don’t leak traffic from unrelated links. – You wouldn’t want your prospects to click on another video and spend time watching youtube videos instead of purchasing your products right?


Also, one of the most loved features of Leadplayer is the opt-in display, wherein you can track how many viewers have accessed your video and create a list of prospects consequently increasing your subscribers.


With the use of Leadplayer, you can show your video sales letters to your prospects without the risk of displaying other unrelated links that can distract your customers. Get Leadplayer by clicking on this link.

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