LeadPages: The Successful Sales Funnel Solution for the Podcasters’ Paradise Launch

EntrepreneurOnFire is a top-ranked business podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. Since its launch in 2012, it has featured some of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs today such as Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Barbara Corcoran and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few.


In a recent guest post, John shared how he was able to build an effective sales funnel for his podcast’s latest community, Podcasters’ Paradise, using LeadPages software. LeadPages, co-founded by Clay Collins, is the easiest way to create mobile-responsive conversion pages that serve as a business’s solution to generating more leads, growing larger audiences, and building a bigger business.


“Thanks to this sales funnel, our new community now has over 300 members,” John shares. “Currently, we’re sitting at $98,993 in sales. In fact, this sales funnel even pre-sold Podcasters’ Paradise before we even opened the doors. All this would never have happened if we didn’t have LeadPages.”

Podcasters’ Paradise: A new community rises

This new community was designed with podcasters looking to create, grow and monetize their podcast in mind. John’s plan was to create video tutorials demonstrating how he was able to accomplish these same feats with EntrepreneurOnFire.


What he needed was a way to put all the pieces together and successfully launch this community.

Finding the right launch tools

John explored making different sales pages using WordPress and an OptimizePress plugin. While the resulting pages served their purpose, John noted that integrating them with Infusionsoft, EntrepreneurOnFire’s CRM, proved difficult. What’s more, he had no way of ensuring that people who opted in to receive information about the Podcasters’ Paradise launch would actually be added to their contact records with the appropriate tags inside Infusionsoft.


Building a sales funnel with LeadPages

Knowing that LeadPages has helped him in his lead generation strategies for over a year and that it has a diverse suite of marketing tools and revolutionary capabilities that would make the launch a success, John decided to build his community’s sales funnel using LeadPages — and was exceedingly happy with the results.


By utilizing a number of conversion page templates created by the LeadPages team (including the Sales Letter Template, Special Offer Video With Countdown Template, Live Page Template, and Special Offer With Pop-Up Bonus Sandwich Template), John was able to validate interest for his new offering, encourage people to become early-bird members, and build his membership even before the actual product launch.


To discover the different templates used in the step-by-step sales funnel strategy created by John Lee Dumas, click here.

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