LeadPages Split Test Case Study: How To Boost Your Response By 307%

Making decisions based on actual, accurate and evidence-based information can present a significant boost to business owners looking for immediate growth strategies. In the case of one LeadPages customer, the boost is precisely 307 percent. What’s interesting is that this huge increase was made possible with just a seemingly simple tweak in the opt-in page. The customer wouldn’t have applied this game-defining change if not for the split test they implemented using LeadPages.


The original version
The opt-in page in question is owned by award-wining author Amanda Stevens. The page shows the striking red cover of her book titled “Retail Revival” on the left-hand side. On the right side is the original headline declaring “New Book Reveals Rescue Remedies for Retailers” in bold letters. Under it, in smaller font, is the subhead and a short reader’s review. Running along the bottom line is an offer for a free sneak peak at some of the chapters of the book.


The second version
Everything is the same, except for one simple change: the headline, revised to “If you’re a retailer in need of fresh ideas and proven growth strategies, this book is for you!”


The shocking results
Ms. Stevens ran an A/B split test to see how her conversions will be affected by the headline change. The wining headline dominated by an astonishing 307.77 percent. The second version – the one with the headline that directly addresses the reader – won hands down. As a writer, Ms. Stevens had an inkling that the second headline might perform better. But she was able to validate her theory and confirm just exactly how much impact it could have only through the split test.


The LeadPages numbers
A 95 percent probability is usually enough to determine the effectiveness of a variation. The LeadPages split test platform showed that the second headline had a 99.98 percent probability, with a 307.77 percent response rate.


LeadPages offers its pro members an innovative system of doing fast, easy-to-implement split testing. Basically, all you have to do is use the “add variation” functionality to set up your choice B page. After you have saved the changes, the split test is immediately ready for implementation. Armed with timely and accurate information, you can now make decisions that leave nothing to chance. Start testing by getting LeadPages HERE.

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