LeadPages Releases New Long Form Sales Letter Template

Hey, this is Jeff Weinberg with LeadPages. At LeadPages, we have several different sales pages available for our members that all work incredibly well. That said, requests kept coming for a more robust, fully functional, multi-faceted long form sales letter. You asked and we delivered. We’re incredibly excited to announce we’ve just released the new long form sales letter template. We’ve used this extensively in our business and this is something a lot of people have been asking for. This is the first mobile responsive sales page template of this quality that we’ve seen.


Now, you’ll see that this template has all the most requested components such as the headline section. A section where you can put testimonials, a guarantee section here and there’s a proven buy now area. If you take nothing else away from this video, take this. This the most extensively tested buy now section. If you do nothing else, add a buy now section like this to your template as we’ve done a tremendous amount of testing to find that this works incredibly well. Down here you’ll see that there is a very beautiful… (continue watching to find out more).


If you already have LeadPages™, there’s no need to download this template because it will be available within your account. Just log in and look for this page in your templates list. Customize it anyway you want and start promoting your site on different platforms thanks to the awesome mobile responsive feature.


Get this new template and learn more about the landing page software here.

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