LeadPages Freebie – 404 Landing Page Template to Build Your List

Hey, this is Jeff Weinberg from Leadpages. Back in the day, we as a company were linked to by one of the biggest blogs out there at the time. I’m not able to tell you which blog it was but it was significant for us. This was so exciting and just an insanely huge opportunity when this huge blog wanted to link to us. We knew when it was going to happen and there was all this built up anticipation when the day finally came.


The blog post with our link in it was published and we were all excited about this blog linking to us. That should have been, you know, the start of our meteoric rise to fame but instead what happened was something went wrong with the link and all the traffic was sent to a 404 page. So, everyone that we could have helped and formed relationships with and everyone that could have otherwise learned from us and experiencing great things were ultimately lost because they ended up on the 404 page and left our site.


I’m sure everyone watching this video has had the experience of being linked to at the wrong URL. You know, sometimes people send out the wrong URL or the page goes down or whatever the case may be. When this happens, you want to make sure that no one leaks off your site. You want to be able to provide as much value to as many people as possible because usually, once those people are gone, they don’t come back.


Now, our friend Pat Flynn at the Smart Passive Income blog uses one option that looks like this, which is great. You can get people moving back on to his website with the search function here and also with the popular links. The truth is though, most people that come to your website and see a 404 page aren’t actually familiar with you and allowing them to search and see your most popular posts doesn’t necessarily serve their best interest. The only thing that they’re going to know is that the page that they’re looking for isn’t there so most likely they’ll leave.


What we recommend is this specific page. This is our favorite 404 landing page template that builds your list for you. So, if you’re not fully seeing why we like this page yet, let me show you… (watch the video to find out more).


If you already have LeadPages™ on your website, you don’t have to download this template – it’s available to you inside your account. Simply log in and customize this page quickly and easily. You can even make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your CRM, run split tests and publish it on Facebook, WordPress or your very own server.

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