LeadPages Does A/B Split Testing In 20 Minutes — And The Winner Is …

As a business owner, you would want to know if the tools you’re using are getting the results you need. The only way to make sure that you’ve made the right investment is to know how well that investment has been working through testing. And when you’re using any kind of marketing page such as opt-in pages, squeeze pages, or upsell pages to get leads, increase your audience, and improve your business, you would want to do the A/B split test.


LeadPages recently ran an A/B split test for a webinar page of one of its clients. Choice A featured the Web 2.0 registration template and predominantly blue color while choice B was the James Schramko-branded webinar template. Both templates basically share the same font and layout, and both are in the gallery of landing pages in LeadPages. No template makes it into LeadPages if it hasn’t been rigorously tested. That said, the A/B split testing actually pitted two high-performing templates.


After running its test, LeadPages discovered that choice A did extremely better than choice B. Choice A got a 102 percent response; LeadPages data shows that choice A had a 95.28 percent probability. While the James Schramko-branded webinar template has actually been winning, this specific test showed that choice A was more effective to a specific audience. In this case, it was students looking to get their grades up in organic chemistry.


What does this indicate? It indicates that what generally works for one business might not work for your business because you might have a different market. So it’s critical, very critical, that you perform split testing before running with one opt-in page or one sales page. Clearly, something different may resonate with your market.


The excellent news is that you can perform a similar testing on your own. You don’t have to hire anyone. You can do so without any problem inside LeadPages. If you haven’t got any templates customized to your needs just yet, you can just log in to your LeadPages account and pick two from any of the 60 templates. Add your copy and your images or graphics. And pit the two templates against each other using the split testing tool. It takes all of 20 minutes to complete — 20 minutes that could spell that lucrative difference for your business.


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