LeadLinks: How You Can Use This Lead Generation Tool

Easy — no, it’s not just that chill-out Lionel Richie music; it’s also how you should be giving your audience, your market access to your offers. Easy. When they get an email announcement from you about joining an exclusive list, do you make it easy for them to get on that list? When they get an e-vite from you for a webinar about some once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity, do you make it easy for them to register for that webinar? When you give your consumers an easy process to opt-in, for anything, you generate more leads.



The Lead Generation Tool Today
Clay Collins, co-founder of the highly popular LeadPages, experienced this very easy approach to getting audiences to opt-in when he himself got an email for a webinar. Clay was so blown over by the sheer ease of the sender’s process that he might as well have described it as his “holy (bleep)” moment. With just one click on a link, Clay was then directed to a Thank You page, was added to a sublist of the sender, and got an instant email confirming his registration for the webinar.


Clay investigated the mechanism behind the effortless opt-in process, with the added intention of finding how the automation could also work for affiliates, for their own list. And so, LeadLinks was born. What it does is allow you to send a link to your list, a link that’s embedded in your email. When someone clicks on that link, they may be added to a list or sublist, be added to a webinar, or receive a digital download. According to Clay, LeadLinks will allow you to get any of those things to happen or all three of those things to happen.


And here’s how it works:
Step 1 – Set up integrations by choosing the email service provider you want to use to build your lists with LeadLink.


Step 2 – Select the email service provider you’ll use to send the email. LeadPages says you can use a different email service provider to send the emails and a different one to build your lists: i.e., MailChimp for sending out the emails, InfusionSoft to build your lists.


Step 3 – Copy the LeadLink and paste it into the email.


Step 4 – (Optional but fun.) Do the Harlem Shake, twerk, or relax with a bottle of whiskey and get ready to watch LeadLinks generate more leads for your business.


The Leading Benefits of LeadLinks
Aside from the fact that it’s a no sweat application with the copy/paste process, LeadLinks can work for several different scenarios. In an interview with Tim Paige, creator of the LeadPages podcast, Clay mentions three scenarios.


One is when you launch a product and want people to signify their interest. When they click on your link, they may be added to a list or sublist that get more frequent updates about the product. The second scenario is when you come up with a webinar. Instead of directing your audience to a webinar registration page, which Clay says may only have a 25 or 75 percent conversion rate, your audience will automatically be registered to the webinar. But be sure to emphasize that once the link is clicked, your recipient will be confirmed for the webinar registration. The final scenario is when you have a membership site that allows any member access to webinars or digital downloads you might send.


And because LeadLinks works for affiliates’ lists as well, Clay remarks that you can use it as a lead generation tool.


Finally, remember the two-step opt-in process? LeadPages toyed around with the idea of turning that into a one-step process, which they did. But for LeadLinks, the landing page generator went further by turning the one-step process into a zero-step opt-in process since it essentially removes the landing page. According to Clay, “It’s a landing page that converts at 100 percent because there is no landing page at all. You just send people directly to the thing.”


Are you ready to get 100 percent conversions? Check out LeadLinks through this LINK.

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