LeadBoxes – LeadPages’ Best Bonus Sign Up

LeadPagesJust a month after its release, LeadBoxes has received overwhelming support and praise from the numerous users who have tried it out.


LeadBoxes’ list of users is a varied mix, which is apt for what can be dubbed as LeadPages’ Best Bonus sign up. LeadPages’ new product builds upon the idea that a two-step opt-in process increases conversion rates. Essentially, it is not just about what to put on a landing page. Rather, it is providing something of value to your site visitors prior to asking for their email address.


If you loved LeadPages’ dashboard, you’ll swoon over LeadBoxes’ versatility and functionality. If you have used LeadPages before and browsed through their template, you’ll notice one common thing for the most popular templates: the use of two-step opt-in forms. LeadBoxes takes this idea to another level.


For one, it can be used in connecting lead capture boxes with just about any link, allowing it to collect multiple form feeds. It can help capture email addresses from a side bar, a blog post or anywhere you can post an HTML link. LeadBoxes can also save you a great deal of time and effort by allowing you to send email directly from LeadPages after a site visitor opts in. What this means is that you do not have to take that extra step of setting up extra delivery emails.


Another nifty feature of LeadBoxes is that it has built-in analytics that is compatible with third-party programs which allow you to accurately track its performance. LeadBoxes can also be used not only to add people to your list but also to invite them to a GoToWebinar or to a Google Hangout. Additionally, LeadBoxes can be used even if you are not using the WordPress platform.


The real genius about LeadBoxes is that you can use it in quite a number of ways. For example, you can use it when you are giving access to a video, a tutorial or PDF. As the adage goes, give and you shall receive — and receive you shall. The reason two-step opt-in forms work is simply because site visitors do not feel pressured to give their email address first before receiving something, no matter how valuable such may appear.


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