Increasing Conversion Rates With LeadBoxes

increase conversionIf you have noticed that your conversion rates have begun to decline, you are not alone. Many other websites have also experienced plummeting conversion rates. Will this trend continue? Most likely, as indicators point out. Is it reversible? Definitely.


For online businesses, list-building is an essential foundation for success. Even the big guns like Facebook, Google and Living Social are after their customers’ email addresses. The main problem boils down to the fact that customers have become more finicky in choosing which companies they give their email addresses to.


In the past, many websites put their opt-in forms conspicuously. This meant that for consumers to get what they have visited a particular site for, they have to give their email addresses first. In a sense, site visitors often feel that they are at the giving rather than the receiving end.


Due to the decrease in conversion rates, many companies are trying to get away from this practice. Instead of putting opt-in forms upfront, many websites have modified this practice by making the act of asking for a visitor’s email address secondary, say to a survey or contest. Many websites have seen an increase in conversion rates following this tactic. But there’s another way.


The team behind LeadPages noticed that some of their most popular and most successful templates are those that utilize a two-step opt-in form. This means that instead of being shown an opt-in form immediately, your customers will have to click a call to action button to be brought to that page. What this means is that your customers do not feel that they are explicitly asked for their email addresses. Rather, they feel that they are making a conscious choice.


Because of the efficacy of using this strategy, the LeadPages team sought to build on the success of this formula with the development and introduction of LeadBoxes. Essentially, this makes the two-step opt-in process more seamless and convenient for you.


With LeadBoxes, getting email addresses from site visitors has become easier. You can use it on links on a side bar button or on a link on your bio from a guest post. It works even with GoToWebinar. And no, you do not necessarily have to be a user of WordPress to use this product. It works just as well with HTML pages.


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