Increase Conversion Rates And SEO Rankings With A Fast Page Load

Have you ever wondered how fast your website loads? What if it loads very slowly? What do you think could happen? Are your virtual visitors willing to wait or they’ll simply move on to another website? What if they look for a similar product and end up with your competitor?

The Problem With Slow Page Load

Whenever a site takes a long time loading a certain page, visitors would generally get impatient and look for another website that offers the same product. Based on the figures given by KISSmetrics, around 40% of virtual visitors move on to the next website if the website they originally visited takes more than three seconds to load. 47% expects that a page would finish loading in two seconds, and that a delay of one-second reduces a 7% conversion.


In addition to that, your analytics, marketing, as well as testing blog would say that an e-commerce site that makes $100,000 in a day and loses that 7% conversion would translate to $2.5 million worth of sales annually. This is something any online business owners would not want to experience. However, some landing pages takes more than several seconds to load. It’s not just the conversion rate we’re talking about here that kills the slow process. Google analytics confirmed that a website that has a slow landing page affects its search engine rankings. So the slower your page opens up, the lower your SEO ranking.

LeadPages’ Speed-Enhancing Factors

You could use a better software that makes your landing pages load fast-especially if you have graphics on your squeeze page, a sales page, or a thank you page. LeadBrite developed this software called LeadPages and it enables faster load time for the landing page. It also guarantees to pass at least a 78-point inspection which assesses the efficiency as well as the speed of these pages. On top of that, your landing pages will be CSS3 and HTML5 compliant which keeps them up to date with the current website standards.


Aside from these speed-enhancing factors, it also hosts the landing page on a Google server network. This is said to be a very fast server –  the fastest one on the planet. So, if you are going to launch a big campaign for new product or service, your landing page from LeadPages will definitely load faster for your customers, locally and globally.


Online, every single second counts. Which is why ‘slow and steady wins the race’ may not be applicable in this field, especially when it comes to your site as well as your landing pages. So, increase those conversion rates and SEO ranking by getting LeadPages.

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