How To Use LeadBoxes To Boost Your Conversions

LeadPages customers have been excited to use LeadBoxes to generate more leads. To help them make the most efficient use of this feature, the LeadPages team has been providing instructions on how to optimize it for specific purposes.


In using LeadBoxes to improve conversion rates and performance, you can apply the following suggestions:


Application #1 When you give away a custom LeadMagnet with every blog post


If you have a food blog, you could give away recipes for which they have to opt in. If you’re fond of writing long blog posts, you could save these as PDFs, and to boost opt-in rates, allow people to opt in for a LeadMagnet that’s customized to that specific post. Giving away a custom LeadMagnet with every blog post is the best way for a blog to grow its opt-in rate.


Instead of sending people from the blog post to a separate landing page, however, just have a LeadBox appear on the website. Opt-ins have been observed to increase 30%-40% on average when customers switch to having a LeadBox appear on the same page instead of sending people to a separate landing page where they can opt in.


There are instances, of course, when it’s better to send people to a separate page to opt in such as in the cases of email, paid advertizing, affiliate promotions. The rule of thumb is, if someone’s already on a page, don’t make them leave it just to opt-in; use a LeadBox instead.


Application #2 – When you do guest posts


You have a much better chance of getting new subscribers and increasing your conversion rates when links on a blog post produce a LeadBox wherein readers could opt in on the same page instead of sending them to a separate landing page. You can have a LeadBox appear on any website the link is published on.


Application #3 – When you have an opt-in box on the sidebar


Many websites have an opt-in box on their sidebar, but there’s a distinct advantage of having a LeadBox appear on the same page when the opt-in button is clicked. If you’re afraid that using a LeadBox in your sidebar will decrease the number of your opt-ins, you can simply have both, create an opt-in form and a LeadBox as well. However, from studies conducted by the LeadPages team, it’s really more effective to simply use a LeadBox on the sidebar.


Business owners take advantage of these tools with a common goal in mind: to boost conversions. Before you get to improve your conversion rate, however, first you have to increase your opt-ins, and LeadBoxes have managed to do this in the applications cited above. Work on boosting conversions now with the help of LeadBoxes by getting it from LeadPages HERE.

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