How To Promote Your Website Through High Authority Domains Using Market Samurai

Backlinks or inbound links are essential ingredients in ensuring a good search page results rank. However, a lot of businesses fall into the trap of believing that the more inbound links they have, the better their chances of ranking well will be.

When more is not necessarily better

When it comes to promoting your website, your focus should be on getting links from websites that are both relevant to yours and have high authority instead of simply amassing a large volume of links.


And when you speak of quality links, three sources inevitably crop up: Yahoo Directory, Dmoz Directory, and .edu and .gov websites.

Edited By Humans

One of the advantages of using Dmoz directory is that instead of automating its processes, all submissions are reviewed by a human editor. This means that the premium is put on showcasing the best content instead of promoting low quality websites. While the submission and approval process may take some time, the reward is worth the wait as the directory is considered by major search engines as a high authority website.


However, before you even submit your website to the directory, you should first upload content on your website, which is not entirely a bad thing; adding fresh content on your blog or website on a regular basis is, on its own, beneficial to your business and its website.


Market Samurai allows you to easily promote your website on the Dmoz directory. To start, click on the “Promotion” button to go to the Promotion Module. From here, click on the “DMOZ Submission” button. You will be then redirected to the page detailing the Dmoz submission process.


A Worthy Investment

Another directory viewed by search engines as a high authority source of links is the Yahoo Directory. One major drawback here is that you need to pay an annual fee of $299 USD to use the directory. While websites can certainly benefit from using the directory, the price may be too prohibitive for those which have just been recently built or for businesses with limited funds earmarked for their SEO efforts. However, if your website generates a fair amount of income, the Yahoo Directory can prove to be a worthwhile investment.


Government and Educational Institution Websites

The websites of government agencies as well as educational institutions or those that have a .gov or .edu domains are also considered high authority websites. You can promote your website on these sites using Market Samurai.


In the Promotion Module, you can search for blogs or forums with a .gov or .edu domain by clicking on the boxes next to the “Google Blog (edu/gov),” “WordPress (edu/gov),” “phbBB (edu/gov),” and “vBulletin (edu/gov).” Afterwards, click on the “Find Backlinks” button.


Sometimes, you will get a blank page especially if the keyword you are using long tail keywords. When this happens, you will have to broaden your search by using a more general keyword. If you started your search with “piano for beginners,” you will have to modify your search using a broader term like “piano.”


Again, enter “piano” as your seed keyword and access the Promotion Module and then check the boxes next to the “Google Blog (edu/gov),” “WordPress (edu/gov),” “phbBB (edu/gov),” and “vBulletin (edu/gov).” Click again on the “Find Backlinks” button.


Market Samurai will then generate a list of forums and websites with .edu and .gov domains. To analyze these websites, simply click on the “Analyze All” button.


From here, you will want to look into websites that both use “do follow” links as well as have a high authority or Page Rank value. To do this, click on the heading of the “PR” column.” Market Samurai will then proceed to provide a list of websites which you can check for relevancy to yours and where you can post comments.


Take note that most .edu and .gov websites are moderated and, as such, you should carefully compose your comment to ensure its acceptance.


If you find all of this really helpful in your content creation and marketing campaign, it might be a really good time to use Market Samurai today and start promoting your site on trusted authority sources online.

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