How To “Own” A LeadPages Template

Apart from its efficacy, LeadPages has built a name for itself because of its versatility. Here are but a few ways some businesses have utilized LeadPages for their websites.


Brian Moran of 5 Minute Marketing has built for himself a fan squeeze page that has allowed him to double his email list. Instead of using a static background, Brian used a video background page. But before Brian got his desired result, he launched several split tests using various video backgrounds.


Ontraport, on the other hand, created a Google+ Hangout page using a “Made for Facebook” Giveaway Page template. With a few tweaks, the team behind Ontraport made a unique page that they can truly call their own using a template.


Even LeadPages’ Basic Squeeze Page can be transformed into something stunning. Birth Coach Method did so with their “Five Best Coaching Tools to Lead Birthing Moms” campaign.


One of LeadPages’ most popular templates is the YouTube Landing Page which was co-created with James Wedmore. Fasih Qureshi of Shortening The Learning Curve used the template and added compelling copy to get more followers.


Sometimes, when you want things to happen, you do not have to be innovative. For Red Apple Lipstick’s “2013 Holiday Gluten Free Make-up Collection Sale,” they used a Basic Squeeze Page that is aligned to the right and used a simple, if not compelling, image of a woman who is seemingly looking at the copy for the page. Advertisers have been using this copy to great effect and, surely, this is something worth trying.


Christian Mickelsen used a Video Background page for his “Webinar: How Coaches Get the High-Paying Clients.” For the page, Christian used a simple video of water gently kissing the beach to make his webinar appealing to prospective clients.


LeadPages’ eBook Landing Page template from Pat Flynn is a favorite among writers as well as businesses offering e-books to their customers. For her book the “Genesis of Genius,” author Julie Ann Turner combined several techniques to get the maximum effect. First, she put her book’s Amazon ranking. Then, she lifted some of her best lines from her book. Afterwards, she added a trailer for the book. To top these all off, she also gave discounts and bonuses for customers purchasing from the page.


Ed Dale and Jay Boyer used a Webinar 2.0 Page for their page. But what really catches the attention of prospective customers is their headline: “Ex-Construction Worker Earns $4,309 Per Day in This Weird Kindle Niche.” Certainly, there is a rags-to-riches appeal to the headline but beyond that, the duo utilized the Internet’s number one must-click word: “Weird.” Apart from that, the two also added bullets which borrowed heavily from direct response copy.


James Wedmore has helped LeadPages create a few templates. For his “Discover What Everyone Else Is Doing to Get Results on YouTube,” James used a Basic Centered Squeeze Page. His tweak? A quirky picture of himself.


Angela Raspass rounds up this list. For her “Freedom Kit,” Angela used an image of a flying white dove to reinforce her product’s message: confidence and self-belief.

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